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New Orion Too Video

Time for another great music vid. “Hope and Wait” by Orion Too was a huge track all over Europe last year, and it finally gets a UK release in the next couple of weeks. It’s a very strong track with vocals provided by a gorgeous Belgian gal called Caitlin. Choon! Click here to watch the video.
If you like this video, check out their Official website here and pick up some funky wallpaper for your desktop here.

Gouryella, De Nuit, and Kirsty Hawkshaw Music Videos

3 more awesome music videos for you! These won’t be shown on MTV USA, and they probably won’t get any radio airplay this side of pond either!
First off is probably my fave vid of the year. Gouryella (aka System F, aka Ferry Corsten) released a fab track in Septmber called Ligaya. As the video starts, you think it’s going to be an ad for a technology company, or the environment or something. It’s very futuristic, and complements the track perfectly. Check the video here.
Next up is one a great summer-feeling Ibiza track called “All That Matters (Love You Down)” by De Nuit. The track samples Love You Down by Ready For The World, and is in a similar style to Roger Sanchez’s Another Chance. The track was released in the UK on Monday. Check out the video here.
The third video is a great cover of the Opus III Classic “Fine Day”. Kirsty Hawkshaw provides the vocals this time round, with excellent mixes from Mike Koglin, James Holden and Steve Murano. Check the video out here.

Blind Date

Last night, Jessica & Alex were watching TV when they suddenly saw Addi appear on the TV Show Blind Date. Talk about a surprise! This show is really different to the UK version since you don’t get to blindly choose your dates by asking them questions – the TV peeps hook you up instead.

I didn’t see it, but there’s a short 30 second clip of the show here thanks to Jessica & Alex.
Richii to appear on this show? Click here and tell me if you think I should!

An extremely tuned MGF

Last weekend was the International Tuning show in Mechelen (Belgium). Since prices of 2nd hand F’s are now coming down, drivers can snap up a bargain, enter the “dark side” and really go to town on styling and tuning the F. At this show, there was a great looking anthracite F called “Dark Angel” (sounds like a TV show, right?):
This particular F featured 18″ Titanium-Alloy forged American Budnik wheels, a slash-cut 90mm exhaust, and an awesome cream/blue alcantara interior.
Click here for photos from Eric’s Website.

I Want A Magic Jacket!

I need to find myself a magic jacket!

If there’s one thing I look forward to every week, it’s my weekly top-up of good vs evil goings on down at the Hellmouth. And no, I’m not talking about life in the office (although sometimes, it seems to resemble one). I’m talking about Buffy!

Before I tell you about why this week’s show got my “top banana” award, I want to rant about the madness of the US TV networks. OK, I shouldn’t moan too much, ‘cos I’m getting to see the new season before I would if I was in the UK. But, the whole thing about a SEASON, is that they’re a series of shows which are all interconnected and are meant to be shown sequentially. So why do they start off the new season with a couple of new episodes, then throw in a couple of repeats from a few weeks back, then a few new ones, then repeats from the same series again, etc, etc so poor old me doesn’t know when I’m going to be able to watch a new episode. It’s crazy – they start the thing in October, and then by May I’ll have seen maybe 12 new episodes- and probably seen the 1st 2 of them about 50 times. MALLET MADNESS! I think the big cheeses in charge of these TV Networks live in Cloud Cuckoo Land or something.
So anyway – this week’s NEW episode had Dawn fall for this blokie on the football team. Sorry, I should say American Football team, ‘cos it certainly wasn’t footie as I know it. Anyway, she kinda goes all ga-ga other this bloke, and does the whole teenage gal “head-over-heals” “I want to rebel” kinda malarky that gets her into trouble. Anyway, Dawn and Buffy get into an argument and Buffy tries to speak to this bloke. She then goes all ga-ga over him too, which in turn causes more hassle between the two sisters. It soon becomes apparent that there’s some kind of spell thing going on, and the rest of the gang try to figure out what’s causing it. In the process, Anya and Willow also get put under this spell, and it all ends with each of them doing crazy stuff to prove they love this bloke the most. Anyway, Spike and Xander work out that the thing that is causing the spell is this magic jacket that the blokie has. It looks like a plain old jacket, but deep down it has powers that makes any HB fall for you. Nice. Anyway, they save the day by destroying the jacket and then everything goes back to normal again.

I want a magic jacket.

November 2002 Dance Chart

This month’s chart is topped by a great housey track called “All That Mattered”. It’s been around for a while and gets a full UK release on Credence Records later this month. Basically, if you liked Roger Sanchez’s Another Chance, I think you’ll like this. It’s getting lots of airplay and and it’s really catchy. NICE! In January, Lange will release his long-awaited follow-up to Drifting Away called Don’t Think It, Feel It. Click here for a sample. It should be build over the next 2 months, so watch for it!
For house fans, you should check “back For The Morning” by Neja which is funky and up-tempo, Superstar by Love Inc (due out late November) and Milky – Just The Way you Are (watch video). Actually, I think the Love Inc track may have been released a couple of years ago, but the it’s deffo getting a release in November!
This month has seen a heap of re-makes of 80’s and 90’s pop and dance tracks being re-done – including Broken Wings by Mister Mister, I Just Died in Your Eyes Tonight by Resource, Because The Night by Jan Wayne and Boys Of Summer by DJ Sammy. The best of the lot seems to be Novaspace’s version of Time After Time (originally done by Cindy Lauper).
There’s plenty of other good vocal trance in this month’s chart too – check out Tic Toc by Klea, Ibiza Sunshine by Labworks and the Svenson & Gielen Remix of Dreaming Of You by The Thrillseekers.
Click here for the complete November 2002 chart.
See you in December! Mail Me any recommendations for next month!

DJ Sammy

Kewl beans! I didn’t think the UK would go for a Eurodance cover, but DJ Sammy has beaten off Madonna to go straight into the charts at Number One! NICE 🙂 It’s been around for donkeys and first made it into the (dot)Dance chart way back in March.
In case you haven’t seen it, here’s the video (needs broadband).
Here’s an interesting article on DJ Sammy which says Bryan Adams was so pleased with Sammy’s work on “Heaven” that the DJ said he’s been asked to remix the first single from Adams’ next album, “I Will Always Return.”
DJ Sammy’s new single is another cover – Boys Of Summer.
Oh yeah, I’ll be posting the November chart tomorrow night – sorry it’s late 🙁