Monthly Archives: December 2002

Xmas Wants!

OK – it’s Christmas time, and I know all of you fans want to treat me to something nice, so here’s a list of my wants!
Pioneer Pure Vision 50″ Plasma TV. What an awesome bit of kit – it won ‘Best Buy’ in the Plasmas & Projectors category in the What Hi Fi and What Video & TV 2002 Awards. Gorgeous!
Pioneer VSA-AX10 Amplifier. If you’re going have Plasma, then the VSA-AX10 complements it perfectly. This award winning amp features THX Ultra2, Dolby Pro logic II, DTS 96/24 as well as THX Surround EX, Dolby Digital, DTS-ES and DTS. Again, this won Best Buy in both the What Hi Fi and What TV & Video 2002 Awards
The LaZ-Boy. Every bachelor pad should have one of these! Made by hand, it features a beer cooler that can hold up to 6 cans, 10-motor massage and heat system and a telephone. Just the job for watching BVS!
Pioneer CMX-5000 CDJ Decks. These are still the decks I want despite Pioneer subsequently releasing the CMX-3000s. These are just the job for mixing the dotDANCE choons!
ICE Shot glasses. Simply fill with water, freeze and you’ve got the perfect accompanyment to your Bacardi 151! (Why is Richii so interested in drinking this flamable drink neat? After reading this review, I’m not so sure myself!)
Mini Fridge. OK, so technically I don’t really need this, since I’d be extremly lazy if I couldn’t walk the 10 paces to go from the corner of my apartment to my fridge (BTW – why is it that American fridges are so big?) but this is still a handy thing to have, in case the one in the La-Z-Boy packs up!
Flashing Beer Mug. I reckon one of these would help my pulling successes ‘cos I cold program my chat up lines into the LED display!
Oh yeah, peace on Earth would be nice, but I think that may be pushing it 😉

December 2002 Dance Chart

Dee Dee tops this month’s chart with the follow-up to Forever which was released in the UK and US earlier in the year. “The One” fairly well sums up how Eurodance has sounded in 2002. And if you wondered who provides Dee Dee’s vocals, it’s a girl called Diana Trippaers. Check the original and Driftwood mixes!
The awesome video for Ligaya by Gouryella is one of the reasons it features so high on this week’s chart. Fans of the Ferry Corsten mix of Adagio For Strings will like this.
Other strong tracks on the chart include the CJ Stone Club Mix of Snap’s Rhythm Is A Dancer 2002, Fire & Ice Close To Me, and the brand new single by Future Breeze called Ocean Of Eternity.
House cuts on the chart include the awesome Robbie Rivera And Billie Paul Vocal mix of Memories by “Rockick”, So Much Love To Give by Thomas Bangalter, and the NYC-house sounding No Ones Gonna Change You by Reina.
Click here for the full December 2002 Chart.
What were your favourite dance tracks from this year? Write and tell me.The January 2003 chart will be back around 8 January. Merry Christmas!