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I Want a Kitt!

Hmph – you wait around ages for a “Kit” and then two come along at once! When I was a young pup, I always wanted my very own talking car with a “pursuit mode” and a “turbo boost” button. And a nice big flashing LED light at the front. And it would have remote control too – not remote control locking, but it would actually drive itself and come and pick me up wherever I wanted. Well, maybe my wait is over!
Wow – what a great piece of Kit! 😉
KITT (KITT Stands for Knight Industries Two Thousand in case you were unaware) still looks a pretty funky car. In case you were living in a tin cage during the 80’s, here’s a great little site which well tell you all about KITT’s Surveillance Mode, Pursuit Mode, Scanner and Ifrarays. Nice! Think that $40,000 is a little bit too much to spend on a car? Well, you can learn how to build your very own KITT here. I want one!
I guess one Kit is better than no KITT though 🙂 I really ought to shut up about Kit’s now, shouldn’t I?! OK….

Fresh New Videos

OK – I finally managed to track down the video for “The One” by Dee Dee! You can visit Dee Dee’s Official website here. I saw this loads of times back in England over Christmas, though no sign of it over this side of the pond. This is the follow-up to the Belgian act’s debut single (Forever) and is produced by the same team behind Ian Van Dahl. Check out the follow-up to Forever, “The One” here.
“I’ll Be Your Angel” by Kira was featured on my charts all the way back in July 2002. It looks like it’s finally getting a UK release in the next couple of months. Check out the this awesome choon here.
Finally, check out a cool cover of Cyndi Lauper’s time-less hit “Time After Time” by Novaspace. It was out last year on Oz, but gets a UK release on 10 Feb – check it out here.

MG Discounts

If you’re an MG owner, or are considering buying an MG, one thing you should definetly look into are the various MG Clubs. Apart from the usual benefits of a magazine, local meetings, potentially cheaper motor insurance (be warned though – they are not ALWAYS cheaper!) and access to a wealth of knowledge about your car, it can also offer heafty discounts off a brand new MG!
There are a number of different MG Clubs – this page lists all of the different clubs and how they are related to one another. With so many, it can be difficult to choose. However, the MG Owners Club and MG Car Club offer the new car discount scheme, so they are slightly more attractive!
Since late 2001, anyone who joined up to the MG Owners Club or the MG Car Club for a period of 6 months or more, has the opportunity to purchase an MG with employee discounts! The scheme is revised regularly, but as at January 2003, discounts were somewhere in the region of 10%. Details of discounts for the MG Owners Club can be found here and MG Car Club can be found here.
I’ve just signed up with the MG Owners Club – I’d read a review that it offered lots of hands on advice for MGF and MGTF owners (until I get my own MG again, I’ve temporarily adopted Xena as my own!), so I thought I’d give it a go. Only 6 months ’till I can get my discount! Roll on July!

Richii goes to Toronto

OK – so last week I went off to Toronto to sort out my visa. One word about Toronto – COLD! When I got there, it was -7 Celcius – pretty nippy even for someone wrapped up like this! But no – that was the high temp – the following day at midday, it was a pleasant -15C with a nice windchill of -23C.
Anyway – apart from the cold, I thought it was a really nice city – very clean after being in New York for such a long time! Here’s a nice boring link to Scotia Plaza where I got my visa sorted, a link to CN Tower (which was awesome!), and a pic of Nelly Furtado(I never knew she was Canadian until 30 seconds ago!).
I’ve finally updated my gallery, so you can find Toronto Photos here, Times Square in the snow here and photos of Kitster here.

January 2003 Dance Chart

Happy New Year everyone! Sorry this month’s chart is on the late side, but to make up for it there are a couple of awesome tracks to kick off 2003.
The Way (Put Your Hand In My Hand) by Divine Inspiration is an awesome uplifting dance track – it features vocals from Sarah-Jane Scott. The good thing about music is that everyone has opinions, and I just read a terrible review of this track. I think it’s awesome, and was certainly everywhere in the UK this Christmas. It’s also just gone into
the UK charts at number 5. Check out the video here.
Charlotte Church is not someone you’d expect to associate with Dance, but she’s done the vocals for Jurgen Vries’ new track called Brave New World. A great vocal trancer and an awesome video. Other vocal trance on the chart includes the awesome Armin Van Buuren Remix of Oceanlab’s Sky Falls Down, Ocean Of Eternity by Future Breeze and Screaming Inside by Nat Monday.
I don’t normally add UK Garage tracks to the chart, but True by Jaimeson is very catchy and receiving a tonne of airplay. Pop-dance fans will probably enjoy it.

More next month.

The full January 2003 chart can be found here


Life is all about moments. Think about the decisions that you make in your life. Like buying a car or a house. Maybe you’ll spend a couple of hours going for a test drive or going round the property several times. And then think about how much time you’ll actually spend with your purchase. You’ve actually only spent a tiny fraction of your time with something, and yet you instinctivly know that it is what you want. After just a few moments. WOW!
(And no, I’m not about to buy a house or a car!)
(Woah – that was kinda deep – I’ll have to try harder to keep off the Bacardi 151!!) 🙂

Yeah – I’m back from the UK! HP New Year!