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Liberty X and Dannii Videos

Liberty X are back with another awesome track! This time they’ve teamed up with Richard X (no, that’s not me, I’m Richard O!) to bring the Rufus & Chaka Khan classic “Ain’t Nobody” bang up to date. After listening to US Radio for so long, this is HP refreshing pop at it’s HP best. And why do Libery X rock so much I hear you ask? Answer: here. Anyway, check out the video for Being Nobody here. And if you’re really keen, you can vote for it on The Box – Video 400.

Dannii Minogue will be coming out with a brand new album next month (17 March) called “Neon Lights”. Her second single from the album is a great dance track called “I Begin To Wonder” and is due out next Monday. You can check out the video for it here.And if you’re really interested, here’s the full track listing for Dannii’s new album:

1. Put The Needle On It
2. Creep
3. I Begin To Wonder
4. Hey! (So What)
5. For The Record
6. Mighty Fine
7. On The Loop
8. Push
9. Mystified
10. Don’t Wanna Lose This Feeling
11. Vibe On
12. A Piece Of Time
13. Who Do You Love Now
14. It Won’t Work Out
15. Come & Get It (Sebastian Kreig Remix) – Hidden Track
16. Who Do You Love Now (Video)
17. Put The Needle On It (Video)
18. I Begin To Wonder (Video)
19. Dannii Picture Gallery

Car Videos

Hmmmm – ever seen a Ferrari suffer from a bad case of understeer? Check this out. I just feel sorry for that poor guy who was simply trying to wave him the other way! Ouch!
Then you’ve got these crazy people (I think they’re from Poland)(I mean these particular crazy people were from Poland) that love to take a car and….errrr… see for yourself. Insane! Please don’t ever think of doing something like that in your MG!

Site Tidy

OK – I’ve started to Spring Clean the site and get ready to move stuff around. The SMS Gateway has gone – every website I can find now asks you to register with them before you can use them, so there’s not much need for the SMS plugin I was using.

The radio streams have been updated – Galaxy 101 is now Vibe 101, Jazz FM in the North West now has it’s own stream, and 2 new Choice FM streams are online too.

A 10″ Subwoofer in the back of your MGTF – here’s how!

Although the standard stereo system installed in the MGTF is adequate, you can make big gains by installing a better quality head unit and replacing the standard speakers. However, for the ultimate in ICE, Richard Meridith shows us how to add a 10″ Pioneer Subwoofer into the boot like this:
Read on for more details!Richard writes:
I used to have the system in my Rover 200is and it fitted in easier than that did!
The power cable and the amp connecting leeds run down either side of the car to reduce any interference between the two. The size of the
grommets that are fitted under the bonnet are massive and easily allow the power cable through into the inside of the car.
Once inside the cables run easily down the side of the door wells under the carpet. The amp is earthed of one the chassis bolts just under the rear T bar.
Running the speaker cable to the boot was a lot easier than you might think – there are a number of rear grommets in the rear of the car just
under the soft top storage compartment. The cables can run alongside within the bodywork frame and from here the wires can lead straight into the boot fitting neatly just past the bonnet releasing mechanism.

Once inside the boot, the sub box can fit under the bonnet release mechanism and it will hold the sub in place. With subwoofer in this position you can get the best sound quality from because the audio is directed fowarard towards the drivers position.

The sound from the sub is pretty good even though the sound has to pass through the engine compartment – it still gives real body to the bass sound and specially powerful with a none ported box.

If any body has any questions they can get me on
Hopefully Rich and his car will be at the MG Silverstone 2003 event so you can see (and hear!) this for yourselves!

February Dance Chart

Beautiful Together – the third single by dance outfit Oceanlab tops this months chart – it’s a great vocal trancer including remixes by Signum. The new single by Ayla is in the number two position – for more information on Ayla – visit DJ Tandu’s website – the site also features videos of Ayla’s older tracks. I’ve discovered a great new remix of Iio’s track “At The End” – The UltraSun remix. I’ve got more information about UltraSun to post shortly, but I do know that they have plans for a follow-up single of their own called “We Can Runaway”.
“I Saw A Light” by Velvet Culture was a track I tracked down in Toronto last month – it may be a little old now, but it’s still sounding fresh. 🙂
Logic Records USA have released a previously unreleased track written by the late Melanie Thorton of La Bouche. The track – “In Your Life” has an awesome mix by “Shane 54” and the track is taken from a new greatest hits album planned for the Spring. Melanie Thorton died in a plane crash late 2001. Click here for more info on La Bouche.
Other tracks getting UK releases soon are DJ Sammy’s “The Boys Of Summer”, Chicane’s “Love On The Run” and “Don’t Think It, Feel It” by Lange – watch out for them!

MGTF – The Safest Sports Car

Last week, the Rover MGTF – the UK’s best selling sports car – became the first 2 seater roadster to get a 3-star pedestrian protection rating in the latest Euro NCAP tests. And the high standard of safety didn’t stop there. It was also awarded an excellent 4-star occupant protection safety rating. The success of the pedestrian rating – a very impressive achievement given the stringent test criteria – is due in part to the fact that the engine is mounted behind the passenger seats, thus enabling the MG engineers to design a large, safe crumple zone which reduces injury if impacted from a head-on collision.
Here are the results of the NCAP tests:
Frontal: 10.48
Side: 15.55
Occupant safety protection total: 26.03 (a 4 star **** rating)
Pedestrian safety protection: 19.34 (a 3 star *** rating – beating all other 2 seater roadsters tested)
Adrian Guyll, vehicle safety protection manager at MG Rover Group, said while sports cars are enjoyed for their motoring freedom, customers can be confident that our engineering development fully ensures the MG TF performs extremely well in safety tests. “Quite apart from its high four-star occupant safety rating, the three-star rating for pedestrian impact – two stars better than the competition – is an exceptional performance and one that will be respected by MG owners and the general public alike.”
Click here to see the NCAP results.

MG Fun In The Snow!

So, a light dusting of snow in the UK, and the roads and rail network seem to grind to a halt. But snow need not mean misery on the roads!
Here are some awesome video clips from Robert in Amsterdam who proves that the MGF and MGTF are fun cars no matter what the weather:

Snow Skid Video 1
Snow Skid Video 2
OK – this is something I’ve never managed to do the whole time I had my MGF – pull the hood up while driving the car. In fact, even when stationary, I don’t think I could even pull the hood up whilst sitting in the drivers seat. Must be my short arms! Anyway, here is proof that you indeed fold the roof up while driving!
Fold Roof Up Video 1
Fold Roof Up Video 2