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Room 5 – Music And You – Fresh New Choon & Video!

Here’s a funky new choon that you’ve got to check out! If you liked that guitar sample once made famous by Stardust’s “Music Sounds Better With You”, then you’ll love the new Room 5 Featuring Oliver Cheatham single! It’s caled “Music And You” and it’s out NOW on Positiva Records UK.

Click here to watch the video.

Just perfect for the Xmas dance floors!

November 2003 Dance Chart

Autumn is well and truely with us, and as usual we have a whole heap of new choons out as we head towards Christmas! (Woah – Christmas so soon? Where did September/October go?!)

At Number One we have the awesome Angel City feat. Lara McAllen – Love Me Right. If you want to know more about this choon check out this article. Anyway, if you’re getting a little tired of the original version then you should check out the postively trancey Rezonance Q Remix. Noice. Staying on the trance front we have a great vocal trance re-entry. Nightlife – Shining Star (ProAgressive) appeared in the charts earlier this year. Anyway, it’s back in the shape of “The Mystery Remix”. This has ANTHEM written all over it! And it reminds of Halloween in NYC (long story!) 🙂

Hey, if we’re going to have one ANTHEM, we might as well have two right? Darren Tate vs. Jono Grant – Let The Light Shine In (Jono Grant Remix) is another awesome vocal trance track. I’m not sure who’s singing the lyrics, but they turn the OK instrumental into a stunning track. (# You are my guide, # You are my light, #You take me to a place where I can shine!). Hey – we all need “Shining” tracks in the autumn!

Circ – Destroy She Said is a great bit of pop-dance. Be warned though, it’s very, very catchy – it may a couple of months old, but it’s worth checking. If it hits radio, it will do very well. For the trancey ones amongst you, there’s the De Donatis Remix.

As usual, there’s something for the more housey crowd – check out “John Silver – Come On Over”. Not quite as good as “One More Time” by Daft Punk, but kind of close. There’s also Joe’s Corner Feat. Emily T. with a track called “Squad 7”. Very much a soulful, housey, feel-good track.

For more vocal trance, check out I-C-Q – Without You (Club Mix), Kyau vs. Albert – Velvet Morning (Mirco de Govia Remix), Blue Star – Dreaming (M+M Radio Remix) and Astroline – I Close My Eyes (Club Mix). I don’t normally add R n’ B to these charts, but Fabolous Featuring Tamia – Into You is a choon, so check it! Tamia has such a great voice and her other dancey stuff has been great, so she deserves a mention. As does Frankie J – Don’t Wanna Try (Hump Remix).

More next month – I’d better get going with the Christmas shopping! (BTW, next month you can send in your TOP 10 choons of 2003, so start thinking about them!)

Full November 2003 Dance Chart is available here.

MG XPOWER SV High Performance Sports Car On Sale Now

MG Sport & Racing has announced the sales launch of the MG XPower SV, a car which catapults the Company into competition with the best of the world’s performance vehicle manufacturers.

The entry level model is powered by a 320 hp 4.6 litre all aluminium quad cam V8 engine which propels the MG XPower SV to 60 mph in 5.3 seconds and on to a top speed of circa 165 mph. Automatic and higher powered SV-R versions will be available next year. Customers can also specify the engine from the 225 mph MG ZT-T Bonneville rated at 765 hp (and beyond if required) which will give top speeds of well over 200 mph and suitably electrifying acceleration.The first class performance of the SV is complemented by its distinctive interior. In keeping with the vehicle’s sporting heritage both front seats are specified with full inertia four belt harnesses, which are lockable for serious driving by the flick of a switch. Each cabin is trimmed with the customer’s choice of six leather finishes. Competition seats and fascias are available in a combination of leather and Alcantara allowing each vehicle to be uniquely personalised.

Designed by a team led by Peter Stevens, whose previous designs have included the McLaren F1, the MG XPower SV benefits from state of the art technology. Central to the car’s DNA is a finely tuned chassis designed along race car principles bonded to a lightweight carbon fibre body with an integral rollover cage.

The chassis and carbon body are both constructed in the heartland of the Italian supercar industry. Final vehicle assembly takes place at MG Sport & Racing’s newly established HQ at Longbridge, Birmingham by a dedicated team of skilled craftsmen.

Director of MG Sport & Racing Kim Johnson said: “The MG XPower SV, which combines high reserves of power and motor racing safety features, is a true race car which has been built for the road. It can either lead on the track or cruise along the King’s Road. It is the ultimate MG.”

Former F1 driver Mark Blundell said: “The MG XPower SV is aggressive and raw, and at the same time stylish and refined. I have driven many of the world’s top sports cars and this car is in the same league. From the unique sound of the exhaust to the precision steering the MG XPower SV has all the qualities I look for in a sports car.”

The MG XPower SV line up starts from GBP75,000 and will be available through a network of specialist XPower dealerships, or directly from the MG Sport & Racing factory.

Further information about the MG XPower SV sports car, including sales enquiries, is available from MG Sport and Racing, Tel: 08457 661155

Photographs of the SV can be found in the MG Photo Gallery