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Springtime Videos!

Don’t you just love it when you wake up in the morning and you have these bright young babes dancing around your apartment? I know, I know, that doesn’t really happen to me either, but fear not, here’s 3 Springtime hyper hits with babes dancin’ around with pom pom’s or skates to get you hyper in the morning time!

First up is the brand new track by Narcotic Thrust – I Like It. Here’s a HP choon featuring some even happier pom pom shaking babes telling you exactly what they like. (It’s the bright lights they like according to the lyrics). Wicked, fresh n’ chewy!

Next up is Candee Jay – If I Were You. I know this is way on the commercial side, but heck, it’ still not the sort of thing you’ll see on MTV USA, so I guess that doesn’t make it commercial after all (huh?!). Anyway, it’s another uptempo track with a cool lil’ story (Candee goes to Vegas) and features Candee doin’ some nice dancin’ by the pool. (No pom poms this time – they don’t belong by the poolside silly!).

Finally is the new track by the Boogie Pimps – Sunny. Not quite as hyper as the other two tracks, this is more housey and laid back – it features a night out at the rollerblade club. Wow they got skills – I just cannot rollerblade to save my life. Anyway, here’s to blades n’ babes with lollipops!

Shop for UltraSun Records

UPDATE – 31st October 2004 – YOU CAN DOWNLOAD ULTRASUN TRACKS FROM THIS WEBSITE! See this article for more details!

If you’re having problems finding UltraSun in the shops, then here’s a couple of online sites that stock the singles. As with anything on the Internet, this list could become outdated quickly, so please let us know if you can’t find UltraSun on these sites: – Candian Store – UltraSun – UK Store – UltraSun

Vigin Mega – US Store – UltraSun

CD Universe – US Store – UltraSun

(As of 12 April 2004, these sites only stocked “Love Me More”)

Can’t Stop This Feeling Lyrics


ARTIST : UltraSun

Written and Produced by Katie Michaelson for TIMES 3 MUSIC Pty Ltd & Christos for SM Publishing

Lyrics by Katie Michaelson for TIMES 3 MUSIC Pty Ltd

Talk talk, talk to me

I know you have the words to say

Tell tell, tell me

I wanna know if this is real


Touch me, take my hand

Say the words I’ll understand

Don’t stop, don’t stop tonight

Lift me up into your light

Oh oh, I Can’t Stop This Feeling anymore

Oh oh, I Can’t Stop This Feeling anymore

Oh oh, I Can’t Stop This Feeling anymore


Wait wait, wait and see

We are more than friends to me

Open up, open wide

Tell me who you love inside


Long time, long ago

I was a girl you used to know

Skin tight, held me every night

Now, who do you see in front of your eye

Oh oh, I Can’t Stop This Feeling anymore

Oh oh, I Can’t Stop This Feeling anymore

Oh oh, I Can’t Stop This Feeling anymore


It’s all you you you only you

Every little thing you do, It’s only you Oh?

Oh oh, I Can’t Stop This Feeling anymore

Oh oh, I Can’t Stop This Feeling anymore

Oh oh, I Can’t Stop This Feeling anymore

(C) 2004 K. Michaelson / C. Papathanasiou

Published by Control/ SM Publishing.

Lyrics cannot be reprinted without permission

New UltraSun Single – Can’t Stop This Feeling

It’s been a very long time since their last single “We Can Runaway”, but we’re finally pleased to announce that UltraSun are back with a brand new single. “Can’t Stop This Feeling” is a radio-friendly, catchy, vocal pop-dance track that sounds nice and fresh for Springtime! Mixes already out on promo include the Club Ibiza, Christos Remix and the UK Club Rush Remix – mixed by Mat Bradshaw from the UK.

Release dates are still being sorted out, but for the USA & Canadian markets, it’s hoped to release the track through a great label called “Hi-Bias Records“.

More details as we get it……

Lyrics for Can’t Stop This Feeling can be found here.

Dangerous Dating – Part 1!

Remember kids, dating is dangerous and can result in serious injury. It’s best left to the professionals.

In this example, we see a babe in distress – she needs to light her cigaratte (clearly she’s not in NYC, since smoking in a bar is considered a major crime), so it might seem like the perfect opportunity to light her sparks. In a bikini too – so that would mean no weapons, no danger, right?

Wrong!! – caring for your safety!

April 2004 Dance Chart

The April 2004 Dance Chart is out now!

Springtime greetings everyone! A new month, and another fight for the top spot on the chart results in a tie between AvB and Plummet. Armin Van Buuren Feat Justine Suissa – Burned With Desire was a great chilled-out, laid back vocal track when it originally appeared on Armin van Buuren’s debut album ’76’. Those haunting lyrics were then meshed over an uptempo trance beat, and the result is a choon! Check out the video for Burned With Desire here. As well as Armin’s Rising Star Mix, the Riley & Durrant Vocal Mix is also worth checking for a slightly tougher mix.

Tied for the top spot is the awesome track “Cherish The Day” by Plummet. This is a cover of Sade’s track, and the two mixes (Antillas/Sorrentino) give two different interpretations. The Sorrentino Mix features excellent guitar riff’s and a more housey feel, whilst the Antillas Mix mixes trance and breakbeat just like they did with Plummet’s last single, Damaged video1, video2. BTW, the vocals are provided by the gorgeous Cheramy Burgess – more info on Plummet can be found at

At number three is Justine Suissa AGAIN! This time she’s performing vocals for the excellent new Oceanlab track called “Satellite”. This is due for release in the UK on 19 Arpil – as with the previous Oceanlab single this is a awesome sing-along anthem! Fresh n’ chewy just the way it should be! Oceanlab consist of Jono Grant, Tony McGuinness and Paavo Siljamaki (Above & Beyond) and Justine – so now ya know!

Ultrasun are back with a brand new single! Oz-based Christos and Katie have been away for a while but are back with a great pop-dance track that’s very catchy! Can’t Stop This Feeling is due out soon! Check the UK Club Rush Remix (by Mat Bradshaw of the UK) and Club Ibiza Remixes.

For other Springtime goodies, check out the rest of April 2004 chart here