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Angel City – Do You Know (I Go Crazy) Video

The third single by Angel City featuring Lara McLaren is almost ready for commercial release and we’ve got the brand new video! Do You Know (I Go Crazy) has already made it to the number one spot of the Music Week Club Chart, Music Week Pop Chart, Cool Cuts Chart, DMC Club Chart and the DMC Mainstream Chart. It’s a cover of the old Robert Miles track “Children” but features some fresh lyrics and some great mixes.

Check out the video for Angel City – Do You Know (I Go Crazy) right here!

Do You Know is scheduled for a UK release on 27 September! Go Crazy 🙂

Dress up your pussy cat!

Does your kitty like to play? Does he/she seem like a bit of an actor? Now your pet can dress up and live out their wildest fantasies – only at Petoffice. Choose from a variety of styles – pretend to be a housekeeper, or a schoolgirl, or maybe go for a touch of class with an elegant shawl – they have it all here! Make sure your pussy is the cutest on the block! Place your order today!

And once she’s all dressed up, be sure to take her to Meow Mix Cafe down on 5th Avenue where she can meet all the coolest cats in NYC! Wicked!

Eric Prydz – Call On Me Music Video

Time for a fresh new choon (and accompanying enegergtic video!) which I keep hearing a lot on my new fave station, ID & T.

Eric Prydz – Call On Me is still not due for UK release for another month, but it’s catchy as anything with the repetitive hook from “Valerie” by Steve Winwood. I guess it was out in the 80’s sometime (wow – that seems like ages away now. I must be getting old!). Anyway, this is the first time that the artist has ever allowed a sample to be cleared, so think along the lines of Junior Jack’s Stupidisco or DJ Falcon’s “So Much Love To Give” and you’ll get the drift of where this track is heading.

As for the video – hmmmm – it really doesn’t have anything at all to do with the lyrics! Instead we see some babes sweating it out in the gymn. Hmmmm – visit Ministry of Sound for the video!

Indecent Proposal – Another dating

Time for another tip from dating tip box. Suppose you’ve wined and dined your babe, you’ve taken her back home and you’re feeling a litle…you know…frisky! Well, it’s quite alright to be a little bit cheeky and use your best lines – you might get a black eye or a door slammed in your face but no pain, gain!

Anyway, you should ALWAYS check out your surroundings before using your lines! There could be hidden dangers! I know you’re eager to see this tip in action, so here is a video to demonstrate the caution needed when using cheeky lines. Priceless! Sort of adult content, so if you’re easily offended DO NOT CLICK! (You know who you are!). – Always Fresh, Always Cheeky!

Uninsured Drivers

If there’s one thing that I hate, it’s people that drive cars without being insured. Why the heck are you so different to everyone else? What makes you so special? Here’s an interesting story on the BBC website about a lady who did everything right and got proper insurance, only to find that it didn’t really count for much when some idiot uninsured person ran into her. When she tries to claim from the uninsured driver, all they have to do is claim they are too poor to pay – they then get a simple slap on the wrist. That’s the most ridiculous thing I have heard! You knew what you were doing the moment you put the key in the ignition, you should pay back the damage you’ve caused!

Danceland – The Album – Out Today!

Time to mention a very cool dance release which hits UK stores today! Here’s some info from the press release:

Danceland is a compilation crafted with dance fans in mind and features two CD’s jam packed with what we believe to be a selection of the biggest tunes in the world today. With artists such as Armin van Buuren, Rank 1, TTF, Darren Tate, Lange, Hiver & Hammer and many more, we know that this compilation is nothing short of awesome.

Danceland marks a brand new series that promises to deliver. If you are a fan of dance music ‘S this is your CD.

Welcome to the future ‘S Welcome to Danceland.

It’s also worth noting that Danceland “The Event” takes place on 18th September 2004 with M8 Magazine Live at Aberdeen AECC.

Headline – The Time Frequency
Supported by JX, Lasgo, Agneli and Nelson, Ultrasonic
DJ’s: Dave Pearce, Rob Searle, Woody Van Eyden, Jon Campbell, Lange,
Scott Brown, DJ E’Quazion, and DJ Technotrance

To find out more about the CD, events and the people behind this complilation, visit the website at

Pedestrian Turn Signals – Perfect For Busy City Pavements!

Since I work in one of the busiest corners of the world, I often find that a trip out for lunch is like an escape from Alcatraz with tourists everywhere stopping and pointing (they’re pointing the giant billboards like the Giant Xtina piccy by the way, they’re not pointing at me!).

Fortunately, technology has come up with a solution! This is definitely something that you babes out there will want to get your geek! Pedestrian Turn Signals are cool superbright lights that you can stick on your head – one behind each ear for maximum effectiveness – and then use the attached remote to choose which ear you want to light up, or light up both to show your braking! Perfect! Now I just have to convince my fellow 8 millions Noooo Yawkers that they NEED these and pedestrians will be flowing freely again! I have a dream…. (actually, I have lots of dreams, but this is a PG rated website)…one day everyone will have these! Get yours today!