Monthly Archives: March 2008

Filo And Peri Featuring Eric Lumiere – Anthem

Time for another uptempo vid to keep you kicking it towards the weekend! The track itself is a few months old, but it’s only just now that I’ve caught the video. I guess this video emphasizes that everyday sort of moment you have when you’re walking around a concrete jungle like Barbican (actually, this happens to me quite a bit, but that’s another story), you find a note in a playground which urges you go up on the roof of a towerblock, and then wonder what it is you are doing up there. Make sense? The video explains it better than I…. fresh n’ chewy n’ widescreen!

Basshunter – Now You’re Gone

Ahhh, there’s nothing quite like getting a text message from someone asking you to join them on the dancefloor! It happens to me more often than you might think. Anyway, for a video depicting this exact scenario, check out ”Now That You’re Gone” by ”Basshunter”. This track seemed to be number one in the UK for yonks and yonks. Love it? Hate it? You decide….