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James Bond Monday – Gladys Knight – Licence To Kill

Monday morning on 13 July 2009 can only mean one thing: James Bond! This weekend I rented The Best Of James Bond – 30th Anniversary Collection because I really wanted to hear my fave JB theme: Licence to Kill. (PS it’s licence in the UK, but license in the US!)

Time for some fun facts about it c/o Wikipedia: The song (one of the longest to ever be used in a Bond film) was composed by Narada Michael Walden, Jeffrey Cohen and Walter Afanasieff. It was based on the “horn line” from Goldfinger, which required royalty payments to the original writers. The music video of “Licence to Kill” was directed by Daniel Kleinman, who later took over the reins of title designer from Maurice Binder for the 1995 Bond film, Goldeneye.

More hits from Narada Michael Walden to appear here later, but for now, here’s Gladys:

Journey of a credit card payment

Time for a techie good-stuff video! I know that you’re already reading the title and thinking how can a credit card payment be interesting? Well, with some fancy graphics and a lovely young lady describing it, it’s super aces! Watch he journey of a credit card payment as it travels 30,000 kilometres in 1.4 seconds!