Another Dating Tip – Stay Fresh!

Here’s another story that sort of goes back to when I was a lil’ un. I was always taught that I should put on a fresh pair of underwear everyday just in case I was involved in an accident and had to go hospital. Hmm – now, maybe I wasn’t that bright back then (still aren’t?!) but I honestly believed that I could keep outta those nasty hospitals if I had on my fresh n’ cleans. Somehow, hospitals were only meant for people with horrid undies. Or that’s what I thought as a whippersnapper. By the way – hospital’s aren’t ALL bad – they have those nice babes in Uniform, but it’s all those Giant Needles that really don’t mix well with me that put’s me off. But if you’re a nurse and do a stirling job everyday, then salutes you!

Anyway, now I am older and wiser I realise that there is still value in this magic concept. Here’s a classic example of a duderino who failed to freshen up before gettin’ frisky. So be warned else this could happen to you! Stay fresh!

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