Baked Beans And Milkshakes!

It’s interesting to note, that depending upon which side of the Atlantic you are on, foodstuffs take on a whole different meaning!

Firstly, Heinz Baked Beans! According to Wikipedia, “there are substantial differences between the Heinz baked beans sold in the UK and the nearest equivalent US product (Heinz Premium Vegetarian Beans). The US beans contain brown sugar where the British beans do not. The US product contains a total of 14g of sugar per can compared to 7g for the British version (equating to 140 vs 90 calories per tin). The US beans also possess a mushier texture and are darker in colour than their UK counterpart.”

So there!Next up, Milkshakes! The name implies ”shaken milk”, but again there seems to be a discrepancy. According to Wikipedia, “in the United Kingdom and the region of New England in the United States, a Milkshake is a beverage which is made from milk and flavourings. In Canada and the most regions of the United States, a beverage which is made from milk, ice cream, and possibly other flavourings such as fresh fruit, chocolate sauce and other sauces, along with whipped cream.”

Good old New England for being different from the rest of the US! 🙂

Apparently what the US calls a Milkshake, we call a ”thick shake”.

Complicated, huh?

Time for a baked bean milkshake (with ice cream!) methinks!! 🙂

Chewy (if not belended too much!)

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