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I Want a Kitt!

Hmph – you wait around ages for a “Kit” and then two come along at once! When I was a young pup, I always wanted my very own talking car with a “pursuit mode” and a “turbo boost” button. And a nice big flashing LED light at the front. And it would have remote control too – not remote control locking, but it would actually drive itself and come and pick me up wherever I wanted. Well, maybe my wait is over!
Wow – what a great piece of Kit! 😉
KITT (KITT Stands for Knight Industries Two Thousand in case you were unaware) still looks a pretty funky car. In case you were living in a tin cage during the 80’s, here’s a great little site which well tell you all about KITT’s Surveillance Mode, Pursuit Mode, Scanner and Ifrarays. Nice! Think that $40,000 is a little bit too much to spend on a car? Well, you can learn how to build your very own KITT here. I want one!
I guess one Kit is better than no KITT though 🙂 I really ought to shut up about Kit’s now, shouldn’t I?! OK….