Fresh, Chewy Videos!

What better way to celebrate the Bank Holiday weekend, but with some fresh, chewy dance videos? Yeah – I tried to look at that “offering” from MTV2 in the US with “dance special mixes”, but really – it was a poor token effort to try and bring dance to the US mainstream. They’d be better offer just taking a feed of the MTV Dance channel in the UK. But fear not! Modern internet technowotsits means you can now see some dancey stuff right here!

First up is Resource – (I Just) Died In Your Arms – which was out on promo late last year. It’s a cover of that 80’s track by Cutting Crew, and the vid features this nice blonde lady who does some hitch-hiking in a truck, and then makes some crop circles! You gotta see it to get what I’m on about! And don’t worry, despite the title, there’s no dying involved in the video!

Next up is Sonique – Can’t Make Up My Mind. I have no idea what this DJ’s been doing since her success in 2000 with “Your Love (It Feels So Good)” – maybe everyone just got fed up with hearing it time and time again. Anyway, this song has a similar sound to Your Love, but so much time has passed since we last heard Sonique’s voice, that it actually sounds kinda fresh (chewy!). She asks, “Should I Be Good Or Bad”. Choose bad! 🙂

Broken Bones – Love Inc is the follow-up single the huge hit “You’re A Superstar”. Not quite as good as Superstar, but worth a listen all the same. And remember, you can get broken bones “not by your sticks and stones, but by the names you’ve been calling me”. So think before you diss that slooooow sales person in Duane Reede – they can’t help it they’re slower than a bag of lamb.

Finally, we have Lisa Scott Lee – Lately. Remember Lisa? She was that Steps girl (yay! Steps!) and now that they’ve all gone their separate ways, she’s announced that she’s definetly moving away from pop, and into dance. This is her first dance single, and it’s pretty darned good! Well done! The track reminds me of something Dannii Minogue would do for some strange reason. Check out her homepage here. Noice!

Seen any of these on MTV US? Thought not… 🙂

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