Good Linux Stuff!

Good news for all you techie Linux fans out there! Redhat released Fedora Core 2 today which features the new 2.6 kernel and GNOME 2.6! Java beans! Watch out for this bug though which can lead to Windoze XP being unbootable if you decide to dual boot using GRUB. It’s probably safer to use the Windoze Boot loader like this.

And SuSE 9.1 was also out last week which features similar stuff as Fedora, but you also get 3rd party add-ons included like RealPlayer, Flash, Xine. If you don’t want to buy it, you can do the FTP download of it from 4th June from here.

And Solaris 10 is previewing on Sparc, Intel and AMD here – just in case you’re bored!

No need for Windoze or Mac’s anymore! 🙂

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