I Want A Magic Jacket!

I need to find myself a magic jacket!

If there’s one thing I look forward to every week, it’s my weekly top-up of good vs evil goings on down at the Hellmouth. And no, I’m not talking about life in the office (although sometimes, it seems to resemble one). I’m talking about Buffy!

Before I tell you about why this week’s show got my “top banana” award, I want to rant about the madness of the US TV networks. OK, I shouldn’t moan too much, ‘cos I’m getting to see the new season before I would if I was in the UK. But, the whole thing about a SEASON, is that they’re a series of shows which are all interconnected and are meant to be shown sequentially. So why do they start off the new season with a couple of new episodes, then throw in a couple of repeats from a few weeks back, then a few new ones, then repeats from the same series again, etc, etc so poor old me doesn’t know when I’m going to be able to watch a new episode. It’s crazy – they start the thing in October, and then by May I’ll have seen maybe 12 new episodes- and probably seen the 1st 2 of them about 50 times. MALLET MADNESS! I think the big cheeses in charge of these TV Networks live in Cloud Cuckoo Land or something.
So anyway – this week’s NEW episode had Dawn fall for this blokie on the football team. Sorry, I should say American Football team, ‘cos it certainly wasn’t footie as I know it. Anyway, she kinda goes all ga-ga other this bloke, and does the whole teenage gal “head-over-heals” “I want to rebel” kinda malarky that gets her into trouble. Anyway, Dawn and Buffy get into an argument and Buffy tries to speak to this bloke. She then goes all ga-ga over him too, which in turn causes more hassle between the two sisters. It soon becomes apparent that there’s some kind of spell thing going on, and the rest of the gang try to figure out what’s causing it. In the process, Anya and Willow also get put under this spell, and it all ends with each of them doing crazy stuff to prove they love this bloke the most. Anyway, Spike and Xander work out that the thing that is causing the spell is this magic jacket that the blokie has. It looks like a plain old jacket, but deep down it has powers that makes any HB fall for you. Nice. Anyway, they save the day by destroying the jacket and then everything goes back to normal again.

I want a magic jacket.

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