January 2004 New Dance Music Videos!

OK, it’s January, Christmas and New Years are over, the weather is grim and you’re back at work. Kinda bad, huh? Well, as usual richii.com has gotten hold of some fresh, chewy music videos to help you soak up those January blues.

First up is an absolute CHOON! If you haven’t heard this, then where have you been? It was first featured in my August 2003 dance chart but was blessed with a UK release this week on Positiva Records and will be out on Ultra Records in the US very shortly. Motorcyle – As The Rush Comes – is an ANTHEM! Motorcycle are Dave Dresden, Josh Gabriel and Jes. You’ve probably seen Dave and Josh’s mixes on my charts in the shape of “Gabriel and Dresden”. Anyway, enough messing about – check out the video for it here.

Next up is an interesting video from Engima. It features a girl who puts this device in her ear and then starts moving all stop-start kinda crazy (woah – that sounds a lot like me on the dancefloor! Spooky!). Anyway, after a drink in a bar, she heads to a party where everyone else is moving in the same way. Then there’s some, errr, action with this other girl, then she heads home. Typical night out kinda stuff really 🙂 Oh yeah, just before she gets home, she takes out this earpiece device and starts moving normally again. Check out the video Voyager here.

ATB has a fairly funky video for Long Way Home featuring clips from his recent US tour. Deepest Blue are back with their follow-up to their first single (also called Deepest Blue). Although not as instantly hit-sounding, it does grow on you and should do fairly well. I think the video is about a guy who heads to a cafe after a night of clubbing and he keeps thinking back to this gal he met on the dancefloor. We’ve all been there, done that, got the T Shirt – so I think you’ll apreciate the vid. Check out Give It Away here.

Black Eyed Peas, Boogie Pimps and Kelis are also in featured in the new video chart, so check them all out here.

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