Let’s Get The Party Started

Operating Systems! I love them! You can’t beat that feeling of booting up an installer, blasting the partition table, selecting your applications and watching the estimated time to completion box count down to zero. Exciting stuff. And then you get to try out all the new whiz-bang features. But would I go as far as hosting a party for this process? Apparently you can…..

However, as good as those suggestions sound, I reckon you can spice it up even more by replacing the x-rated beeps in the next clip with – well – use your imagination!

Need more spice? 20 Ways to Spice up Your Windows 7 Launch Party

Oh, and if you’re thinking of having balloons at your party, think again! Microsoft pulls Windows 7 balloons from Euro ‘launch parties’ (I guess Europeans can’t be trusted to not go around bursting them and startling guests)

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