Liberty X and Dannii Videos

Liberty X are back with another awesome track! This time they’ve teamed up with Richard X (no, that’s not me, I’m Richard O!) to bring the Rufus & Chaka Khan classic “Ain’t Nobody” bang up to date. After listening to US Radio for so long, this is HP refreshing pop at it’s HP best. And why do Libery X rock so much I hear you ask? Answer: here. Anyway, check out the video for Being Nobody here. And if you’re really keen, you can vote for it on The Box – Video 400.

Dannii Minogue will be coming out with a brand new album next month (17 March) called “Neon Lights”. Her second single from the album is a great dance track called “I Begin To Wonder” and is due out next Monday. You can check out the video for it here.And if you’re really interested, here’s the full track listing for Dannii’s new album:

1. Put The Needle On It
2. Creep
3. I Begin To Wonder
4. Hey! (So What)
5. For The Record
6. Mighty Fine
7. On The Loop
8. Push
9. Mystified
10. Don’t Wanna Lose This Feeling
11. Vibe On
12. A Piece Of Time
13. Who Do You Love Now
14. It Won’t Work Out
15. Come & Get It (Sebastian Kreig Remix) – Hidden Track
16. Who Do You Love Now (Video)
17. Put The Needle On It (Video)
18. I Begin To Wonder (Video)
19. Dannii Picture Gallery

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