New York mad people

New York is full of crazy people. I know, I know, it’s not something that I’ve just worked out – it’s been like this since donkeys years ago. Hells, I’m in New York so I guess I am one of them too. But I reckon that there’s higher proportion of muppet maddness on the 4/5/6 trains. There’s always something crazy going on.

Tonight I was minding on own biz, I got on the subway and it was packed as usual. I’d got my headphones on listening to the Sugababes. It was actually a mix of one of their tracks and I was really getting into it. Not singing out loud or anything. No dance routines in the middle of the carriage, maybe just a lil’ bop of the head. Anyway, as usual I seem to send up next to the weirdo. He started talking to me – it looked like he was making fun of my headphones or something. They’re these funky black/yellow kind, so I guess it attracted his attention. Anyway, he kept letting go of the handrails and crashing into me when the train stoped. There was no where else to go the train was so packed. Poor bloke. Poor me. He kept doing this breakdance movementy type thing with his hands – I thought for a second he was getting into my Sugababes mix, but I don’t think he was.

Anyway, he got off, more people got off, I got a seat. Then this other weirdo got on the train. He could not stand still. He went and stood by the doors – nothing unsual about that – but then he ran (yes, ran) right down to the other end of the carriage and then stood at the other set of doors. OK – so maybe he was in a hurry and needed to get out quickly. No – he then dashes back to my end of the train and stands by the other door. This happened like 20 times or so. Back and forward, back and forward. Maybe he needed the loo or something, but then why didn’t he get out sooner? I don’t understand. Wierd. Or is it just me?

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