October 2004 Dance Chart

OK, it’s been ages since I’ve updated this site – but this weekend I finally got around to publishing the October 2004 Dance Chart!

There’s been a lot of decent releases this Autumn, so there’s something for everyone in the Chart. Eric Prydz’s track totally took off and topped the UK chart for a couple of weeks. And the video helped too 🙂 So “Call On Me” makes it to number 1. A very close second in chart is the gorgeous Lara McLaren with Angel City and their vocalised cover of Robert Miles’ Children. Check the BCD Remix of Do You Know for a fresh version if you’ve been radio’d to death of the original.

Whilst in the UK I picked up a great track by Clear Vu called “I Adore”. Excellent vocals with the sort of sound that AATW Records has been releasing recently. That track blends perfectly into the Kenny Hayes Remix of “Body Talk (Talk 2 Me)” by Protect The Innocent. Hopefully both those tracks will get commercial releases. At number 5 is a gem of a track by Benassi Bros Feat Dhany with “Hit My Heart”. This is currently number one on the Canadian Pool XL Chart. It’s always going to be difficult to beat Satisfaction, but this takes that electro sound and mixes it with great vocals.

I’ll leave you to discover the rest of the chart for yourselves – but Check Out Flower Power which was huge in Europe over the summer (and Dannii Minogue has just put vocals over it for a new release), Styles & Breeze – You’re Shining (various mixes) and Mysterious Skies by ATB.

The complete chart can be found here.

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