One week to go!

Oh wow! The end is almost here! Just how good was Buffy tonight? AWESOME!! More exciting than 3 wooden ice cream cones, more addictive than a shinny new lawnmower and enough action to make you lose your head!!

So, only one more week to go! How will it end? It’s going to be a nerve wracking week! Here’s some interesting Buffy stuff to help you make it through the 7 days:
Official website
Girls of Buffy in FHM US(noice!)
Buffy Auction – buy AUTHENTIC stuff from the show! WOW! COOL! (And pricey!)(But worth it!)
Photos from the wrap party!
Buffy Quotes
Official Buffy Fan Club – you can buy series finale script here – but make sure you wait ’til next week before reading it!
One thing’s for sure, it’s going to be a tough week of waiting…

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