Orange UK to T-Mobile USA SMS Now Working!

WOW!! After a long, long, long wait, T Mobile and Orange UK have finally reached an agreement and at long last, you can receive Orange messages on the TMo US network. About blinkin’ time!
Click here and here for the announcements. Seems like they fixed it on May 21st.
Why the frig did it take so long? I even wrote a frickin’ snail mail letter to the T Mobile Customer Care muppets back in January and they didn’t even bother to acknowledge me. (Thanks a lot). I don’t understand what was the problem? I’m now going to be SMS’ing the UK a lot more (more $$ for you T Mobile) and I’m going to be receiving more SMS’s from Orange (more GBPGBP for you Orange). Everyone wins. Everyone’s happy. So why so did it take so long?? Grrrrrr….
BTW – want a 100% hands free phone? Then you should get one of these. Noice!

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