Pedestrian Turn Signals – Perfect For Busy City Pavements!

Since I work in one of the busiest corners of the world, I often find that a trip out for lunch is like an escape from Alcatraz with tourists everywhere stopping and pointing (they’re pointing the giant billboards like the Giant Xtina piccy by the way, they’re not pointing at me!).

Fortunately, technology has come up with a solution! This is definitely something that you babes out there will want to get your geek! Pedestrian Turn Signals are cool superbright lights that you can stick on your head – one behind each ear for maximum effectiveness – and then use the attached remote to choose which ear you want to light up, or light up both to show your braking! Perfect! Now I just have to convince my fellow 8 millions Noooo Yawkers that they NEED these and pedestrians will be flowing freely again! I have a dream…. (actually, I have lots of dreams, but this is a PG rated website)…one day everyone will have these! Get yours today!

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