Silly goings on

You see a lot of strange stuff in NYC. From my neighbour who asks me whether I can hear the electricity running through the walls, to the dude in my grocery store telling me about how he’s got his lawyers watching lawyers. Crazy. But now I’m thinking maybe they are all part of an organised scam.

Check out the Megastore Conquest which took place last year at the Virgin Megastore in Union Square. They’re more clever than flash mobs and actually kind of funny. Here’s what happened when Virgin called the cops after they took over all the listening posts:

Megastore guy: They were all just standing there.
Cop: What were they doing?
Megastore guy: Just standing, and then they all danced.
Cop: Did they say anything?
Megastore guy: No.


Cop: Why are we here?

Check out the video here or their main site Improv Everywhere. Check out “Ted’s Birthday” and “Will You Marry Me” too! Chewy stuff!

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