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Customer Demand For MG TF Reaches New Record

Production of the MG TF, the UK’s best selling sports car, is on the increase due to customer demand. Sales in March 2003 reached their highest level since introduction and that of its predecessor the MGF. The increased build rate rises by 130 to 430 units per week.

The TF represents the attractive combination of great handling, high performing engines, stylish design and open top motoring. Impressive performance and economy extend this desirability still further. Recent class leading scores in the Euro NCAP safety tests and being judged the ‘World’s Most Beautiful Cabriolet’ in Milan have combined to demonstrate the appeal of this pedigree British sportscar.

Commenting on the increased production, John Sanders, MG Rover Group Sales and Marketing Director said: “The TF has proved to be another great success for MG. With the special offer in our spring campaign ‘Bring us any genuine offer and we’ll beat it’, there has never been a better time to buy one of these superb sports cars.”Issued by MG Rover Group Communications

MG Rover Group Give Maximum Value To Customers Through Groundbreaking Initiative

With Summer almost upon us, now is a great time to get that MGTF you deserve! 🙂

MG Rover Group has announced a groundbreaking initiative, ‘Bring us any genuine offer and we’ll beat it’ ‘S a programme of far ranging offers that will be of great interest to all purchasers of new cars.

Consumer offers have traditionally been focused on one or two key elements such as free insurance or a low cost finance package. MG Rover Group were first to offer the innovative and popular ‘Free Fuel’ campaign and this new approach recognises that every customer has a different purchase requirement.

The ‘Bring us any genuine offer and we’ll beat it’ programme, encourages customers of new MG and Rover cars to select their preference from a wide range of options. This may include one or more of the following:

Fuel until 2004*

LPG Band 4 conversion

0% Finance*

Additional extras (options and accessories)Track day experience (MG only)

2 or 3 years’ servicing

Deposit contribution

Money Off*

1 year’s insurance (UK mainland only)*

Cash back

Low finance*

* Specific terms and conditions apply

Commenting on this innovative programme, John Sanders, MG Rover Group Sales and Marketing Director, explained: “Our approach recognises that every customer will have a different purchase requirement. The wide choice of options is tailored to meet individual needs and thus give customers exactly what they want. Whatever incentive other manufacturers offer, quite simply, we’ll beat it. Whether customers want insurance, cash-back, servicing, interest free finance, deposit contributions, we can provide the best range of offers in the marketplace.”

The purchase options are available on all new MG and Rover cars registered between 1 April and 30 June 2003. LPG Band 4 conversions are available on all 1.6- and 1.8-litre Rover and MG saloon cars (excluding the MG ZR 160 / Express 160).

Press release issued by MG Rover Group Communications

The world’s most beautiful cabriolet?

The MG TF has been judged the ‘World’s Most Beautiful Cabriolet’ at the awards ceremony held by L’Automobile piu Bella del Mondo, in Milan. A panel of 13 international judges, made up from design experts outside the automotive industry, credited MG TF with the class win ‘for blending great originality and typical elements of MG tradition, with a strong casual and dynamic character’.

The World’s Most Beautiful Automobile title is an established award, now in its 10th year. It recognises design significance from a non-automotive perspective. Judges included leading art critic Bruno Alfieri and art-photographer Gianni Berengo Gardin. Thirty-three car product designs are judged in nine categories.

John Sanders, sales & marketing director, said: “This accolade is an outstanding achievement particularly in the light of such an impressive body of judges and another example of how the company’s talented styling and engineering teams have developed the MG TF into a car of both substance and style.”

The Rover 75 won the high-class saloon category in 1999. The MG TF has also been awarded ‘Cabrio of the Year’ at last year’s Geneva Motor Show and recently performed exceptionally well in Euro NCAP tests with a four-star occupant and three-star pedestrian result. It is available in four specification models, priced between GBP15,750 and GBP19,995.Issued by MG Rover Group Communications: +44 (0)121 482 5935 / fax: +44 (0)121 482 6165

MGTF voted Performance Car of the Year by Driver Magazine

The MGTF, the UK’s best-selling sports car, has been voted Performance Car of the Year by Driver Magazine, at the Annual Motoring Industry Car of the Year Awards in New Zealand.

Selected for its “truly sporting chassis and brisk performance”, Driver Magazine said that it “really liked the MGTF and found it both fun and a serious performer”. The MGTF beat the HSV/Monaro, Maserati Coupe/Spyder and Mitsubishi Diamante Ralliart.

Allan Dick from Driver Magazine commented: “The MGTF 160’s new suspension set-up, improved body torsional rigidity, more powerful engines and attractive new styling were key influences in the judging panel’s decision to vote the TF Driver Magazine’s Performance Car of the Year.”

John Tweedy, International Markets Director at MG Rover Group, said: “This success in the first few months of our re-entry in to New Zealand is another example of the great enthusiasm for our products shown in new markets and bodes well for our expansion in international markets.”

Well done!

A 10″ Subwoofer in the back of your MGTF – here’s how!

Although the standard stereo system installed in the MGTF is adequate, you can make big gains by installing a better quality head unit and replacing the standard speakers. However, for the ultimate in ICE, Richard Meridith shows us how to add a 10″ Pioneer Subwoofer into the boot like this:
Read on for more details!Richard writes:
I used to have the system in my Rover 200is and it fitted in easier than that did!
The power cable and the amp connecting leeds run down either side of the car to reduce any interference between the two. The size of the
grommets that are fitted under the bonnet are massive and easily allow the power cable through into the inside of the car.
Once inside the cables run easily down the side of the door wells under the carpet. The amp is earthed of one the chassis bolts just under the rear T bar.
Running the speaker cable to the boot was a lot easier than you might think – there are a number of rear grommets in the rear of the car just
under the soft top storage compartment. The cables can run alongside within the bodywork frame and from here the wires can lead straight into the boot fitting neatly just past the bonnet releasing mechanism.

Once inside the boot, the sub box can fit under the bonnet release mechanism and it will hold the sub in place. With subwoofer in this position you can get the best sound quality from because the audio is directed fowarard towards the drivers position.

The sound from the sub is pretty good even though the sound has to pass through the engine compartment – it still gives real body to the bass sound and specially powerful with a none ported box.

If any body has any questions they can get me on richmeredith645@aol.com
Hopefully Rich and his car will be at the MG Silverstone 2003 event so you can see (and hear!) this for yourselves!

MGTF – The Safest Sports Car

Last week, the Rover MGTF – the UK’s best selling sports car – became the first 2 seater roadster to get a 3-star pedestrian protection rating in the latest Euro NCAP tests. And the high standard of safety didn’t stop there. It was also awarded an excellent 4-star occupant protection safety rating. The success of the pedestrian rating – a very impressive achievement given the stringent test criteria – is due in part to the fact that the engine is mounted behind the passenger seats, thus enabling the MG engineers to design a large, safe crumple zone which reduces injury if impacted from a head-on collision.
Here are the results of the NCAP tests:
Frontal: 10.48
Side: 15.55
Occupant safety protection total: 26.03 (a 4 star **** rating)
Pedestrian safety protection: 19.34 (a 3 star *** rating – beating all other 2 seater roadsters tested)
Adrian Guyll, vehicle safety protection manager at MG Rover Group, said while sports cars are enjoyed for their motoring freedom, customers can be confident that our engineering development fully ensures the MG TF performs extremely well in safety tests. “Quite apart from its high four-star occupant safety rating, the three-star rating for pedestrian impact – two stars better than the competition – is an exceptional performance and one that will be respected by MG owners and the general public alike.”
Click here to see the NCAP results.

MG Fun In The Snow!

So, a light dusting of snow in the UK, and the roads and rail network seem to grind to a halt. But snow need not mean misery on the roads!
Here are some awesome video clips from Robert in Amsterdam who proves that the MGF and MGTF are fun cars no matter what the weather:

Snow Skid Video 1
Snow Skid Video 2
OK – this is something I’ve never managed to do the whole time I had my MGF – pull the hood up while driving the car. In fact, even when stationary, I don’t think I could even pull the hood up whilst sitting in the drivers seat. Must be my short arms! Anyway, here is proof that you indeed fold the roof up while driving!
Fold Roof Up Video 1
Fold Roof Up Video 2

MG Discounts

If you’re an MG owner, or are considering buying an MG, one thing you should definetly look into are the various MG Clubs. Apart from the usual benefits of a magazine, local meetings, potentially cheaper motor insurance (be warned though – they are not ALWAYS cheaper!) and access to a wealth of knowledge about your car, it can also offer heafty discounts off a brand new MG!
There are a number of different MG Clubs – this page lists all of the different clubs and how they are related to one another. With so many, it can be difficult to choose. However, the MG Owners Club and MG Car Club offer the new car discount scheme, so they are slightly more attractive!
Since late 2001, anyone who joined up to the MG Owners Club or the MG Car Club for a period of 6 months or more, has the opportunity to purchase an MG with employee discounts! The scheme is revised regularly, but as at January 2003, discounts were somewhere in the region of 10%. Details of discounts for the MG Owners Club can be found here and MG Car Club can be found here.
I’ve just signed up with the MG Owners Club – I’d read a review that it offered lots of hands on advice for MGF and MGTF owners (until I get my own MG again, I’ve temporarily adopted Xena as my own!), so I thought I’d give it a go. Only 6 months ’till I can get my discount! Roll on July!

An extremely tuned MGF

Last weekend was the International Tuning show in Mechelen (Belgium). Since prices of 2nd hand F’s are now coming down, drivers can snap up a bargain, enter the “dark side” and really go to town on styling and tuning the F. At this show, there was a great looking anthracite F called “Dark Angel” (sounds like a TV show, right?):
This particular F featured 18″ Titanium-Alloy forged American Budnik wheels, a slash-cut 90mm exhaust, and an awesome cream/blue alcantara interior.
Click here for photos from Eric’s Website.