The new 4 Strings album is released today!

Vanessa and Carlo release their long-awaited follow-up album in the US today!

Click here for the Ultra Records promo page to hear samples from “Turn It Around”! And if you have i-Tunes installed, you can download the album right now here

Check out the tracklisting:
1. Intro
2. Turn It Around
3. Come Closer
4. Love Is Blind (4 Strings feat. Janson Lunar)
5. Free (4 Strings feat. Sphere)
6. All Around The World
7. Crash And Burn
8. Euphoric Eyes (4 Strings feat. Janson Lunar)
9. Until You Love Me
10. Dolphins Cry
11. Living A Lie
12. One Million Lights Years (4 Strings feat. Janson Lunar)
13. Back To Basics
14. Obstacles
15. Turn It Around (Club Mix)
16. Outro

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