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Limited Edition TF initates Celebrations for MG’s 80th Anniversary – One already

The iconic MG sports car brand is celebrating its 80th anniversary in 2004 with specially produced Limited Edition cars. Derived from the UK’s best-selling sports car, the TF 80th Anniversary LE has a unique specification and limited production, of which only 500 will be made available for the UK market.

A debut for the limited edition MG car was held at the end of January at the Retail Trust’s ‘Hollywood Ball’ at the Grosvenor House, Park Lane. The charity auction conducted by fashion celebrity Jeff Banks saw the bid reach a total of GBP275,000.

Three 80th Anniversary TF LEs are available with colour co-ordinated hood and trim combinations, and features that include unique identity detailing, with a choice of 135, 120 Stepspeed (CVT transmission) or 160 power units.

Rod Ramsay, Sales Operations Director, MG Rover Group, says: “It’s appropriate that we celebrate 80 years of MG production with a special TF 80th Anniversary LE – the product most closely representing the icon that is the archetypal MG sports car. If a charity auction can raise GBP275,000 for one of the LEs, then the remaining 499 represent great value!”

Read on for more, or click here for photos of this special edition.

Three versions of the 80th Anniversary LE are available ‘S in new Pearl Black, Starlight Silver or the new Goodwood Green. Each 80th Anniversary LE can be specified with the 135, 120 Stepspeed (CVT transmission) or 160 power units.

The Silver and Black anniversary ”TF”s have a contemporary appearance featuring a new Burgundy Red coloured hood. The interior is trimmed combining an Ash grey interior with Grenadine Alcantara® and black leather seats. Embroidered with ‘1924 MG 2004’ logos on the seats, the interior also features a bright-finish console, door casings, gear knob and handbrake grip.

The new Goodwood Green, a pearlescent aquamarine paint finish, Anniversary ”TF” is more traditional in style, combining a new tan hood with a matching tan interior. Black Alcantara® and tan leather seats are also embroidered with ‘1924 MG 2004’ logos. Wood effect inserts are fitted to the console, on the doors and complement the wooden gearknob and leather steering wheel.

All 80th Anniversary LE models feature as standard a folding windstop and CD tuner. Externally 16″ 11-spoke alloy wheels featuring a new ‘shadow chrome finish’ combine with front fog lamps and bright door handles to create a special appearance. Anniversary ‘1924 MG 2004’ bootlid badging distinguishes the 80th Anniversary LE at the rear.



MG ”TF” 80th LE ModelCO2(g/km)On The Road Price
80th LE 135184GBP 18,895
80th LE 120 Stepspeed194GBP 19,645
80th LE 160179GBP 21,195


Optional extras

Optional ExtraPrice
MP3/CD tunerGBP 100
6 Disc CD autochangerGBP 250
Passenger airbagGBP 275
Hard top blackGBP 1,150
Hard top body colourGBP 1,295
Air conditioningGBP 1,125
Sports Pack 1 (10mm lowered and uprated suspension)GBP 150


Since 1924, MG cars have appealed to the sports enthusiast and today club membership is in excess of 100,000 members worldwide. The MG brand is a pure and iconic sports motoring brand that over the years has inspired the enthusiasm for driving pleasure. Today’s MG range offers enthusiasts the widest choice and the largest product range in MG’s 80-year history. Sales of the ”TF” in 2003 were up 22%, retaining its position as the UK’s best-selling sports car ‘S the highest sector sales in seven years.

Key 80th Anniversary dates in 2004 include:

13 March ‘S 1st MG car (Jack Gardiner’s Special 4 seater Sports 14/28)
1 May ‘S Octagon 1st registered as an MG trademark

1 September ‘S 1st production MG Super Sports (14/28) went on sale

Performance and economy are unchanged from the core ”TF” products.

Photos of the 80th Edition LE can be found here.

Dance Videos – February 2004

I found a few more videos to keep all your dance fans HP! First up is the most excellent instrumental trance track DJ Peran – We Want To Be Free. WARNING! X-Rated vid! This track reminds me of the summer, washing the car, going for a drive, roof down! Although I don’t think I’ve ever had my car washed by such babes! Anyway, like I say, it’s little on the dodgy side, so don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

Next up is a track that I keep hearing on Galaxy. It by The Lost Brothers – Cry Little Sister and it’s a choon! A version also appears on the latest Ultra.Trance album. Choon! 100%! (Watch out for the vampires in that vid!) 🙂

Next up is the brand new single by Junior Jack – Da Hype. It’s due out for a UK release later this month and features vocals from Robert Smith (apparently he was in The Cure?!)(yeah, I know, I know – soz, I’m not a fan of The Cure!)

Next up is this odd kind of track that I found. In fact, it’s not sung in English, so I have no idea what she is singing. But Lorna – Papa Chulo is a cool video, and the gal keeps going on about “Papi” and “loco”. Works for me! 🙂 It guess is the kind of thing you’d see on MUN-DOS.

The last 2 vids I’ve added are the Unrated version of Yomanda – You’re Free (wow – I’d forgotten how good that track sounds!)(do what you want to do!) and Tim Deluxe – Less Talk More Action. Both cool, both fresh, and both very chewy! Enjoy!

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