Monthly Archives: August 2002

Geek Toy Of The Moment

My fave want at the moment has to be hot new mobile phone from Sony Ericsson – the T68i. It’s just so darned cool! Sorry to be a geek, but it has Bluetooth, MMS, picture ID and a COLOUR screen. Plus you can get the Communicam gadget and send the pix to your Auntie Mildred in Singapore. Nice.

Anyway, since I was looking to buy a mob, I decided to do some research and found this great place called Howard Forums and it seems there’s more good stuff coming out later this year, like the P800 from Sony and the 7210 from Nokia. Polyphonic ringtones are the future!! 🙂

Anyway – be on the look out if you’re in NYC and some cutie batootie comes over to you pretending to be a tourist and wanting you to take their picture. According to this article Sony have 60 models around NYC posing as regular people asking them to take their photos. They then hand over the T68i in the $5 million campaign to try and pursuade you this thing is hotter than a pair of hottie hot dogs.

Anyway, watch this video, and you’ll wonder how you’ve been managing without MMS 4 so long! (Well, I’m wondering….)TPAlright, since some of you people out there can’t speak Mandarin, here’s the translation of what’s going on in the video:

The first one says “You will be splashed”
Then in the library it’s a poem:”Plaid skirts interest people the most”.
The guy walks up to her and calls her “Pathetic/immature”
The next message is “Pretending to be cool is hazardous to your health.”
In the cafeteria she gets a message that says:”A phone without SMS, is a phone without a heart”
Then all the messages are basically repeated with the motorcycle splashing.

Oh, and if you’re really interested, the track is by Jay Chou (he’s the dude in the video, too).