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MG Rover launch MG Atomix

MG announces the introduction of a new exciting range of special edition MG cars in collaboration with the pop group Atomic Kitten.

In recognition of their racing association, MG and Team Atomic Kitten have endorsed their partnership with the introduction of ‘Atomix’ Special Edition MG ZR and MG ZS cars. The MGs are derived from the popular MG ZR+ 105 and MG ZS+ 120 models, featuring additional specification and available in Le Mans Green, Solar Red and the new XPower Grey, as used on the MG Rally and Touring race cars.

The MG ZR Atomix SE looks the part with side sill finishers to complement the front and rear spoiler treatment, 16″ ‘Hairpins’ MG alloy wheels and front fog lamps. Inside the Atomix naturally features a great sound system with a standard fit Kenwood CD tuner. Harnessing the driver are part leather Monaco seats and a leather steering wheel. An electric sunroof and windows, and remote central door locking provide security. Available in both 3- and 5-door body styles, and priced at GBP12,395 and GBP12,950 respectively, the ZR Atomix will be sure to turn heads. The ZR Atomix SE accelerates to 60mph in 10.0 secs, with 30-50mph (4th gear) arriving in 9.6 secs with a potential 111mph top speed.For those customers who want to make a bigger impression and take influence from the Touring Car strengths, the MG ZS ‘Atomix’ SE looks the part with an aerodynamic front bib spoiler, front fog lamps and side sill finishers to complement the aggressive appearance.

On the inside, the soundtrack is provided by the latest Kenwood CD tuner. Providing added support are Monaco part-leather seats for the dynamic handling which is standard in all MG ZS cars.

The substantial ZS specification includes 16″ ‘Hairpins’ alloy wheels, a sports suspension that has attracted widespread acclaim, ABS with EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution), four airbags, remote central door locking and air conditioning. Electric front windows and door mirrors are also standard.

Priced at GBP14,395 for the 5-door hatchback and GBP15,210 for the 4-door saloon, each produces great performance with acceleration to 60mph achievable in 9.0 secs, 30-50mph (in 4th gear) in 6.8 secs, onto a potential top speed of 122mph.

John Sanders, sales and marketing director, commented: “The success of the MG ZS in the BTCC this year and our association with Team Atomic Kitten has provided a brilliant opportunity for supporters to share in the excitement that driving an MG ZS can generate. It’s a winning combination with a great soundtrack!”

Atomic Kitten, Jenny Frost said: “We’ve had a great time racing the MG ZS in the BTCC, winning six races in class. And it’s great to continue this, with the MG Atomix SE cars. We’re so pleased to be associated with MG ‘S it’s a great British brand.”

Promo photos for the new Atomix cars can be found here.

Issued by MG Rover Group Communications: +44 (0)121 482 5935 / fax: +44 (0)121 482 6165

Brand new MG XPower SV Launched

MG revealed on Tuesday (22nd October) its new high performance sports car named the MG XPower SV. Following development of the original X80 concept, the MG has been radically evolved, is lighter and has increased levels of power with up to 965bhp. So extreme is the performance that all models will be marketed under the MG Sport & Racing XPower brand.

The exterior styling of the two-seater MG sports car owes much to the demands of airflow management required for competition cars. These elements give the car an aggressive and overtly sporting stance implying its potential for high performance. Targeted at the premier driving enthusiast, the new MG XPower SV will become the icon of the MG brand with opportunity for both road and track exploitation.Peter Stevens, MG Rover Group’s world renowned product design director, previously with McLaren, Lamborghini and Lotus, has been appointed managing director of a new company specially formed to produce the MG XPower SV.

As part of the project’s weight reduction objectives, all body panels are made from lightweight carbon fibre. The flat underfloor and inbuilt front and rear diffusers manage the aerodynamic airflow for high-speed stability. Suspension geometry has been designed in collaboration with Steve Randle, responsible for the dynamic set-up of the McLaren F1 road car.

Rollover protection is provided by a tubular structure designed to comply with current FIA competition specifications. A rigorous development programme including high-speed stability tests at the Nardo circuit in Southern Italy saw the MG XPower SV regularly exceed 200mph (320km/h).

The MG XPower SV is a part of a unique range of products, which will ultimately be available with some of the most extreme levels of road performance ever offered.

MG XPower SV

The MG XPower SV range starts with a car powered by a 326bhp 4.6-litre quad-cam V8 engine. Weight is forecast at 1450kgs, which will provide approximate performance figures of 0-62mph (0-100km/h) in 5.0 seconds and a top speed of around 170mph (273km/h). More specification details will be released during the spring of 2003.

MG XPower SV Club Sport spec

Nearly 70 years ago, MG produced the K3 Magnette – an ultra high-performance supercharged road and track racer. K3 was commissioned and produced for the enthusiastic owner who wanted to drive to a race, compete, win and drive home again.

In keeping with this tradition, the XPower SV Club Sport proposition will allow customers to either buy a complete XPower model ready for road and track or to enhance the specification of their car with competition derived parts.

The XPower SV Club Sport features a more powerful 5.0-litre V8 with 410bhp, a 0-62mph (100km/h) of c4.4 seconds and a top speed limited to 195mph (314km/h).

The car on show at the British International Motor Show is the MG XPower SV Club Sport spec, in this case powered by a special 465bhp Sean Hyland tuned 5.0-litre quad-cam V8 engine. A top speed in excess of 200mph (320km/h) and a 0-60mph (0-100km/h) time of c4.2 seconds is possible. Engines with much higher stages of tune, even with factory approved nitrous oxide injection kits, will be available to produce extreme power outputs.

Typical of the way in which a prospective customer might specify their XPower SV, this car is fitted with Sparco carbon shell racing seats, a cabin-installed spare wheel, custom helmet storage cubbies, four point electrically-locked harnesses and Motec racing instrumentation. Some of the specification of this car will be carried over to the production specification of MG XPower SVs.

MG XPower SV UK prices will start at GBP65,000.

Commenting on the project, Peter Stevens said: “I’ve been working with a small team of experts and enthusiasts to ensure we produce an MG car that will deliver the ultimate in driving exhilaration. The MG XPower SV is a car with appeal to passionate sports car drivers who will relish its extraordinary racetrack performance characteristics.

“MG is all about having fun, extending the boundaries of excitement and generating visual entertainment for a wider audience. The MG XPower SV delivers this objective in a forceful manner, demonstrating the immense potential for MG.”

Photo’s of the new SV can be found below.

Issued by MG Rover Group Communications: +44 (0)121 482 5935 / fax: +44 (0)121 482 6165

New Autumn Music Videos

Since MTV US really is PANTS (yes, those really are PANTS!) and never show any decent music videos, here are a few to brighten up your browser, including the wicked new video by Kylie, a slice of hot Brit pop from Sarah Whatmore (yeah, that’s her in the piccy)(grrrr!) and some weird Spanish song that currently tops the UK charts – Las Ketchup (here’s a picture of some Ketchup to get you in the mood!)

“>”>Autumn 2002
Click on video to watch it!
1″>Ian Van Dahl – Try (Michael Wood\’s Radio Edit)
2″>Christina Aguilera – Dirrty
3″>Kylie – Come Into My World
4″>Sarah Whatmore – When I Lost You
5″>Love Inc – You\’re A Superstar
6″>Holly Vallance – Down Boy
7″>Ian Van Dahl – Try (Live Version)(Alphazone Remix)
8″>Whitney Houston – Whatchulookinat
9″>Las Ketchup – The Ketchup Song“>”>::
More Videos here……

Ian Van Dahl – Try!

I meant to post this earlier, but forgot! Here’a fab lil’ flash trailer for Ian Van Dahl’s new UK single, “Try”. It’s already out now in the UK! It scooted into this week’s chart at number 15! It topped the (dot)DANCE chart back in August. Choon! 🙂

Meanwhile over here the Yanks are still catching up – “Reason” was released a couple of weeks back (that’s like 5 months after the rest of the world!) – check the Lange Remix of Reason – nice!

Here’s the promo (click on “read more”) – don’t forget to check the video for this one too!!

New York mad people

New York is full of crazy people. I know, I know, it’s not something that I’ve just worked out – it’s been like this since donkeys years ago. Hells, I’m in New York so I guess I am one of them too. But I reckon that there’s higher proportion of muppet maddness on the 4/5/6 trains. There’s always something crazy going on.

Tonight I was minding on own biz, I got on the subway and it was packed as usual. I’d got my headphones on listening to the Sugababes. It was actually a mix of one of their tracks and I was really getting into it. Not singing out loud or anything. No dance routines in the middle of the carriage, maybe just a lil’ bop of the head. Anyway, as usual I seem to send up next to the weirdo. He started talking to me – it looked like he was making fun of my headphones or something. They’re these funky black/yellow kind, so I guess it attracted his attention. Anyway, he kept letting go of the handrails and crashing into me when the train stoped. There was no where else to go the train was so packed. Poor bloke. Poor me. He kept doing this breakdance movementy type thing with his hands – I thought for a second he was getting into my Sugababes mix, but I don’t think he was.

Anyway, he got off, more people got off, I got a seat. Then this other weirdo got on the train. He could not stand still. He went and stood by the doors – nothing unsual about that – but then he ran (yes, ran) right down to the other end of the carriage and then stood at the other set of doors. OK – so maybe he was in a hurry and needed to get out quickly. No – he then dashes back to my end of the train and stands by the other door. This happened like 20 times or so. Back and forward, back and forward. Maybe he needed the loo or something, but then why didn’t he get out sooner? I don’t understand. Wierd. Or is it just me?

October 2002 Dance Chart

Oceanlab follow on from their previous single, Clear Blue Water, with another piece of fresh vocal trance. Justine Suissa once again provides the vocals and they top this months chart. Trinity X – Forever – has been around for a few months, but due for a UK commerical release very shortly. If you liked “Do you know” by Silverblue you’ll like “Step Back” which features at number 3.

Iio and Perpetuous Dreamer are soon to release follow-ups to their debut singles – Iio wil release “At The End” which has been remixed by Johnny Vicous, and PD will release Dust.Wave remixed by Armin Van Buuren. Armin also recently remixed Solid Session’s Janerio and the follow-up to Riva’s last hit (Stringer – Who Do You Love Now?) called Time Is The Healer.

For the house fans, you have to check out “Take Me With You” by Cosmos which is currently topping the UK Dance charts.

Click here for the complete October 2002 chart.
More next month…