Monthly Archives: November 2006

Sanga Monday! We love Sandwiches!

Is a burrito a sandwich? Judge says no. I have to agree on this one, there’s no way that a Burrito is a Sanga! Can you just imagine putting butter on a burrito and filling it with chips?? No, no, no!

More sanga stuff ‘cos it’s Monday:

. Yum – this kitty shows you how big his Sandwich should be!

Did you know that there is such a thing as a Ham Sandwich Theorem? Here it is! Yum!

Did you know that you can re-use your Sanga Bag as a waterproof phone protector? Here’s how!

There was very nearly a crazy pile-up of Sarnies down in Houston on Friday. I’ve never been there, but I am sure it’s a great city as they care about the welfare of Sangas. Phew, Many of Sangas were able to be rescued Note: the accompanying video to this story shows the great efforts the folks down there go to rescue the Sangas. Good work lads!! We salute you! Sangas all around!

Global Warming? Depends on who you believe!

Time for a techie science article! OK, this one does get a little bit technical, but Climate chaos? Don’t believe it throws up some great questions as to whether those boffins at the UN are telling us the truth. And why do they keep missing out the “medieval warm period”? Did it exist?

Deep reading for a cold winter’s night!

Oh, and a big NO THANKS to my Tower Hamlets for this: Guy Fawkes axed from bonfire night. Muppets!!!! We want Guy on the fire!!