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Roger Dodger

This movie absolutely rocks! It’s set in NYC and is all about a would-be smoothie called Roger (Campbell Scott) who reckons he’s mastered the art of manipulating women. He thinks he has life licked, until along comes his geeky teenage nephew, Nick, who wants to get an all night crash-course on seducing babes in the Big Apple (yeah, I think I need one of these courses!). 🙂
The result is a very witty and stylish film with an awesome soundtrack. Scott’s performance as Roger will leave you hating the guy (and maybe you’ll see yourself in it too!), but at the same time you wonder if he’s learning any lessons off of the very person he’s trying to teach.
Click here for the official movie website, click here for the trailer and click here to buy it!
This one gets a big thumbs up!