Monthly Archives: May 2004

MG SV on Top Gear

I still don’t understand why in a country where unless you live in a major city, you need a car to get around in, there aren’t any mainstream motoring programmes. That seems kinda stupid to me, especially as every 4th TV advert is for a car!

Anyway, thanks to the wonders of the ‘net, here are a couple of video’s from the BBC’s Top Gear which feature the MG SV. OK, so Clarkson gives the interior a bit of a slating, and goes on about the 3rd gear, but at least the car was sensible and took it to heart and gave him a nice bang on the head! I want one of these! (An SV, not a bang on the head!)

MG SV Top Gear Review – Hi QualityDial-Up Quality

Stig drives the SV – Hi QualityDail-Up Quality

I’ll take the 1000 BHP Nitrous version please! 🙂

A quiet drive in the country

There’s nothing quite like a quiet drive in the countryside. Of course, it’s even better with the roof down and your choons bangin’. (It would help if you had a cool car too!)(and a cool babe beside you!). But anyway, even without those things you can still enjoy your nice, peaceful drive as represented by these German peeps. Pleasant!

Simply the best from the Dutch!

OK, so I admit that I’m not really the best singer in the world. I may do a great vocal mix of House of Pain’s “Jump Around” when I’m in the shower in the morning (Jump Up! Jump Up! And get down!)(PS Use a special non-slip mat in the shower!)( takes no responsibility for your attempts to try that in your own home!), and I can sometimes be tempted to do some Bon Jovi at Karaoke, but that’s IT. I would definetly not want to go on TV! The guys from The Netherlands though – they got style! I love their trancey dance music – it kicks! So I was really surprised when I discovered the following video. Owwwww – apparently these guys are Simply The Best!

(The “best” kicks in around 2:20 if you wanna fast forward to it)

P.S. Best not to watch that at tea time, as I don’t want to put you off your dinner!

Lotus Elise hits the US Roads

Here’s a story which appeared in this weekend’s New York Times about the gorgeous Brit roadster, the Lotus Elise. The first cars should hit the US roads at the end of month! It get’s a pretty good review and there’s also a great photo gallery. Hope to see one in Manhattan very soon!

Read the full review here and view the photo gallery here.

(Yeah, I know, you gotta hand over your details to see the slideshow on the NYT site. *sigh*)

Good Linux Stuff!

Good news for all you techie Linux fans out there! Redhat released Fedora Core 2 today which features the new 2.6 kernel and GNOME 2.6! Java beans! Watch out for this bug though which can lead to Windoze XP being unbootable if you decide to dual boot using GRUB. It’s probably safer to use the Windoze Boot loader like this.

And SuSE 9.1 was also out last week which features similar stuff as Fedora, but you also get 3rd party add-ons included like RealPlayer, Flash, Xine. If you don’t want to buy it, you can do the FTP download of it from 4th June from here.

And Solaris 10 is previewing on Sparc, Intel and AMD here – just in case you’re bored!

No need for Windoze or Mac’s anymore! 🙂