Monthly Archives: July 2002

Jenny Kitten says sorry

Jenny Frost, one-third of British pop group Atomic Kitten, was banned from driving for a month on Wednesday after being found guilty of speeding.

Each of the babes from the pop group were given MG’s last December as part of lucrative sponsorship deal with MG Rover. Jenny was caught shortly after getting the car whilst returning from a perfomance in Cardiff when she was caught on the M4 motorway doing 110mph. As well as the month long ban, she also has a GBP400 fine. She said she was sorry for speeding and that it was one of the first times she’d driven the car (all the more reason to drive slowly, no?!).

More on this story at Sky News.

Here’s a great photo of the girls with their cars: MG Sportscars

Silverstone 2002

Friday 19th July 2002 saw the start of the 52nd International MG meeting at Silverstone in Northants, UK. The annual event spans three days, with races, MG stalls selling all sorts of goodies for any age/model of MG, and the opportunity to drive your MG round the circuit on the parade laps. Nice 🙂

Results from all the races can be found here.

Pictures and video clips from the weekend can be found on the MG Car Club here, on Caroline Woodley’s website here and on The MG Pit here.

New month, new job!

So, after one month of craziness, one too many Starbucks Mocha Coconut Frappuccino’s, and more mind changes than you can shake a toaster at, I finally started my new job at 3 Times Square! You can see more photos of my new workplace at Wired NY and Fox Fowle.

One of the coolest things about X Square is that you can just use “X” for “Times” and save yourself a valuable 4 keystrokes. Another great thing about X Square is that they film TRL just across the street. I’m having problems though, since I’m still not sure which of these muppets is Carson Daily. Beats me.

Here’s a photo of an ice cream. It’s darn hot here, and I feel like one. (By that I mean that I feel like eating an ice cream, as opposed to actually feeling like an ice cream feels)(Just in case you were getting confused). Huh?