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Birmingham, Baywatch, Babes!

OK, so although this site has a bit of Nooo Yawwwk branding on it, I think it’s about time I gave some much deserved support to my home city back in the good old UK…..

California might have golden beaches, glorious sunshine and Holywood, but what they are really missing out on, is the famous fountain that is The Floozie In The Jaccuzi. She is so special, that she has her own dedicated team of professionals watching over her and the public, day and night. So, check out an episode of BAYWATCH Brummie Style. (Link c/o by Rick Otter (

So, what do people in Birmingham sound like? Well, Bearwood Ted (Bearwood is only 5 mins away from where I grew up by the way!) has a great lil’ old sing song to help you get into the Brumwichum dialog. My fave part of that track is “There’s the Villa and the Blues, the Curry houses and the booze, the Chinese and chippies, well it’s very hard to choose!”. Watch out for the MR Egg restaurant too!! Check it out and sing along here. (Those photos are fairly recent by the way!).

Still not convinced?? Listen to a local telling you how Bostin’ it is HERE.

I can tell you are hooked by all these songs. I guess I should share some history with you now, and show you how Central Birmingham’s icon, The Bull Ring, used to look. Here’s The Bull Ring Thing – nice huh? The Bull Ring has been updated a bit since then. In fact now even NEW YORK RAVES ABOUT BIRMINGHAM!!

So, what else should you check out whilst in Brum? Well, there’s Spagetti Beach and our famous Balti Restaurants.

As for famous babes from Brum, don’t forget the luurvly Cat Deeley. (Actually, I’m having a job to think of other Brummie Babes, so if you are one, send me your pic 😉

The other day I was in my supermarket in Brooklyn doing my own thing and this bloke comes up to me and starts rapping at me over and over again, telling me he’s got “Lawyers watching lawyers”. Now, at first, I have to admit I thought he was a nutter. But maybe he was just talking some hardcore street slang at me. I really wish I’d got this BOOK OF BRUMMIE PHRASES with me, ‘cos then I could have told him “Owamya Bin Keepin lard ‘ed? Morkins! Yo cor be canting like that! Yous gunnyarta shut your Cake hole. You acting all doolally. Seems to me you Waggin it, Irrint? Best put yerat on yed n’ gerroff on the buzz me old cocka. Don’t wanna get the gaffer on a loin now, does ya? See yam later. Trarabit!” (That woulda shut him up, I’m sure).

Anyway, for more exciting Brum stuff, visit Birmingham: It’s Not Sh1t

Grrr – I hate Manchester!

Talk about plain stupid. Martketing Manchester decides to do a poll and ask people (in Manchester?) about which English City is second after London. For gawd’s sake – how many times does this have to get brought up?!

Birmingham is over twice the effin’ size of it’s nearest rival with a poluation over 6 and half million in the region.

Here’s the story:

BBC News

IC Birmingham Story 1

IC Birmingham Story 2


Oh yeah – this years Ryder Cup is being held in the City too – so watch out for us beating the Yanks there in a couple of weeks. 🙂