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Friday Funny

A man walks into a bar, sits down and orders a drink.
“Hey, nice tie!” a voice says out of nowhere.
The many looks up to thank the bartender, but he’s down at the other end of the bar.
“Hey, nice shirt!” the voice continues.
The man looks up again, but the barkeeper is still at the far end of the bar.
“Hey, that’s a really nice suit!” the man hears. This time he calls the bartender over and asks if he’s been talking to him.

“It’s not me”, says the barman. “It’s the complementary peanuts”.

Silly goings on

You see a lot of strange stuff in NYC. From my neighbour who asks me whether I can hear the electricity running through the walls, to the dude in my grocery store telling me about how he’s got his lawyers watching lawyers. Crazy. But now I’m thinking maybe they are all part of an organised scam.

Check out the Megastore Conquest which took place last year at the Virgin Megastore in Union Square. They’re more clever than flash mobs and actually kind of funny. Here’s what happened when Virgin called the cops after they took over all the listening posts:

Megastore guy: They were all just standing there.
Cop: What were they doing?
Megastore guy: Just standing, and then they all danced.
Cop: Did they say anything?
Megastore guy: No.


Cop: Why are we here?

Check out the video here or their main site Improv Everywhere. Check out “Ted’s Birthday” and “Will You Marry Me” too! Chewy stuff!

Virtual Babe Bartender

Is there really another 9 hours to go before you can get out work and hit the bar? Then fear not, the Virtual Babe Bartender is what you need! Better than some of those rude real-life ones, this one will do all sorts of tricks! Ask her to SING, DANCE, JUMP, DRINK BEER, or SHAKE (oh-er missus!). Heck, even ask her “What do you think of Richii?”. Better still ask her “What do you think of Richii’s jokes?”. Class.

Play nice with the Virtual Babe Bartender here. Don’t keep her waiting, and tip generously!!

(P.S. If you there’s any other cool tricks you find she can do, let me know!)

Time Saving Techie Tips

Two awesome techie tips:

Advanced Dynamic Kickstart Scripts. If you have a large number of Linux servers to install, then you are probably already using Kickstart. This article gives some advanced configuration options (such as dynamically generated ks.cfg files and custom pakage installations) that’ll install large numbers of boxes in no time.

Patch up your Windows XP Setup Disks. Now that XP SP2 is out and established, you can patch your Windows XP Setup Disk with SP2. Rather than installing XP then waiting another 30-40 minutes to apply SP2, simply follow the instructions in this article, and you’ll end up with an XP installation CD that includes SP2.

Stonebridge – Take Me Away Video

It’s time for a brand new fresh n’ chewy choon! Stonebridge had great success this summer with the hit single Put ‘Em High. Well, now he and Swedish vocalist Therese are back with their brand new single “Take Me Away“. The official release day is a long way off (January 17 2005!) but the video is out now, and the track is already getting rotated on ID & T. The video was shot a few weeks ago in London and features some great nighttime shots of the city. The single is already Number 1 on the Music Week Upfront Chart, Number 1 on the DMC Upfront and Mainstream Charts and number 4 on the DMC Buzz Chart!

Can’t wait for this release next year. Check out the awesome video of Stonebridge – Take Me Away by clicking here.

Jose’s Fat Paws Website

I promised I would give my old mate JM a quick plug on this site, so here it is! Jose is now running a couple of businesses back in Manila – I especially like the Fat Paws dog n’ cat snacks idea! Anyway, check out both his Fat Paws and Nenita Farms websites which are under construction here! Good luck JM!

November 2004 Dance Chart

Updates to this site are a lot like meeting babes – you wait ages and ages and then all of a sudden you get swamped by them!

The November 2004 chart has been published (it was out a day early for you eager beavers!). Topping the Chart are Aurora who are back on a new record label, and back with the dance sound! If you want this track, then head over to where you can download it right now. It’s like the Aurora of old (Hear You Calling, Ordinary World) rather than the more AOR tracks that featured on their last album. The track is called “Real Life” and you should definetly check both the Club Mix and Saasot & David Cong G Remixes. Next on the chart is a stunning remix by 29 Palms (aka Pete Lorimer). Don’t let the name Ashlee Simpson put you off – it only uses one verse and part of the chorus briefly of the original – this track rocks! If you like other Pete Lorimer mixes, you’ll like this. Ashlee Simpson – Pieces Of Me (29 Palms Remix Vocal Mix) is at number 2. Continuing on with the strong tracks – Tiesto is back with “Just Be”. The Antillas Club Mix is the best on here – cool synths and strong vocals from Kirsty Hawkshaw. Also check out Tiesto’s new album which is released today and features tracks inspired by his DJ performance during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Greece.

Number 4 is “You Wont Forget About Me” which has Dannii Minogue putting her vocal talents over this summers Euro hit by Flower Power. You can check the video for it here. With or without the vocals, it’s still a great choon! Number 5 is Jordan James – the track features on Ultra:Trance4 and the Extended Mix has great commercial trance vibe to it. “Neo Cortex – Elements” is very Euro-sounding with cool synth’s – check out the DJs @ Work Remix.

The rest of the chart has some House (Holly James – Touch It (Lee Cabrera Mix), some Euro (Paps’n’skar – Mirage (Stasera La Luna…), some Trance Titan 3 – Let Your Heart Go Free (Judge Jules Mix) and some chilled vibes (Titan 3 – Let Your Heart Go Free (Blue & Stone Chilled Butterfly Remix).

Noice n’ chewy now that those nights are drawing in.

The complete November 2004 Dance Chart can be found here

More next month!