Monthly Archives: December 2004

New Pioneer PDP-505XDE Out Now!

Ummmmm – Pioneer have updated their European Plasma range! The PDP-504HDE has now been replaced the most awesome PDP-505XDE! Heaven! 7 Billion Colours! Now that’s what I call fresh! Watch the advert. Be sure to check out the technology basics movie too – it’s fascinating! (Ok, it is a bit geeky – but so what, it’s Christmas!)

But why, oh why, is this model not coming to the US market? No sign of an updated model on the Pioneer Pure Vision US Website 🙁 I want my additional 6 billion colours! They are important to me!

Birmingham Stuff Villa Once Again

Those arrogant muppets called Aston Villa got their just deserts today when Blues showed them once again their current status in the table doesn’t count for squat. Just like 2 years ago, their goalie suffered a nasty. Bad luck (not). It was an almost identical screw up as last time which saw Sorensen fumble the ball and Blues up 1-0 in the opening 10 minutes. Very similar to Peter Enckleman’s blunder. Ten minutes later, a second goal for Blues and Vile didn’t know what had hit them. It was their arrogant attidude of “just turn up and we’ll win” which let them down. A consolation goal in extra time for them, left it 2-1 to Blues – though Blues had several chances in the first half that perhaps should have made it 5-0 at half time.

Anyway – Olof Mellberg is my most hated Villa man at the moment – first for these stupid comments and then for his attempt to headbutt several Blues players after a decision went against him. As a “captain” (I use that term loosely when talking about the Vile) you should know better. O’Leary is also on my hate list for his post-match comment of “We’re the better team”. Errr – cleary if you were, you would have won! Enuff said!

Chewy links:

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Oh yeah, and just for fun – here is the classic Enckleman goalie gaff!