Monthly Archives: June 2004

England out of Euro 2004

OK, so 5 days later I can finally bring myself to mention last week’s match. To top off the misery Time Warner Cable (muppets!) cut off the final penalty kick because they hadn’t booked enough time, leaving me scambling around trying to boot my PC to find the result of the last kick! Talk about agony…

Anyway, here’s a collection of the funnies that have been doing the rounds:

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The Lost BBC Tape and The 6ft Fridge!

Many, many moons ago when I was a lil’ whipper-snapper (some say I still am!) I got a summer job working at BBC Pebble Mill in Birmingham. No, I wasn’t a famous star, nor was I an artsy wannabe – instead I was working in the mail room. Look – here’s a photo of Stacey K in the mailroom! (BTW, I don’t know Stacey, nor do I know this particular mailroom, I just thought I’d give all you readers a look into such a place!).

Anyway, it was a cool job for 2 summers – not much stress and not too much hassle. Anyway, sometimes people would ask for tapes to be sent via courier from one office to the other. So you’d fill out the paper work and away you go.

So that brings me to my funny story – last week someone in London dropped off a tape to be sent asap to BBC Bristol. Simple enough request, right? Well, click here to find out what arrived at BBC Bristol the next day!

You can also find the full story here.

That kinda thing could happen to anyone – here’s looking forward to a fridge appearing at your front door in the near future!

Stupid Disco Make Your Move!

Summer is here at last, and that means the start of those awesome tracks which you’ll be hearing over the next couple of months! First up is Junior Jack with “Stupidisco” / Dave Armstrong “Make Your Move”. Huh? Is this two tracks or one? Basically, they are the same song and will both be released the week of 21 June. Dave Armstrong’s version features the original sample taken from “Dare Me” which was written by Sam Lorber and David Innis over 20 years ago (performed by the Pointer Sisters). The lyrics are easy to remember:

# Baby, make your move, step across the line,
# Touch me one more time, come on, dare me!

Dave Armstrong’s version should be out 22 June in the US.

Meanwhile for the UK release, Junior Jack has taken the same track, reworked the vocals and given it a more modern feel. It’s also been renamed Stupidisco (Stupid Disco). The result is a catchy summertime hit that’s already getting substantial play on the UK airwaves. This track gets a UK release on 21st June.

To accompany the release is an awesome new video featuring two bikini babes taking part in a wrestling match! Class! Be warned though, this contains nudity and is therefore over 18’s only. Check the video here.