Brand new Ultrasun tracks released!

Some very exciting news for all you Ultrasun fans! Christos and Katie have released 3 brand new tracks, plus there’s an exciting new Remix of “Love Me More” by the up and coming Alex 1kb! And best of all you can listen to them and buy them online right now! is pleased to offer these tracks in the brand new Weed music format. Don’t worry, if you have a modern PC equipped with Windows Media player, Real Player, Winamp or MusicMatch, then you’re more than likely be able to play the tracks right now! Weed files are high-quality encrypted audio files – you can play any of these Ultrasun tracks free for 3 times. This way, you can sample the track in own time and decide whether you like it. If you do, simply Download the Weed software and receive $5 to spend on your choice of music!!! Since each track is $1.00, it means you can get all 4 Ultrasun tracks free RIGHT NOW!.

OK, now to the best bit – the new tracks!

Ultrasun – Tomorrow Comes. The brand new single, it’s already causing a stir on the download charts. A classic piece of vocal trance in the familar Ultrasun style.

Ultrasun – Closer. A very catchy pop track, that almost sounds like one of Prince’s tracks.

Ultrasun – Step To You. Following in the footsteps of We Can Runaway and Can’t Stop This Feeling, this is a Euro-dance sounding dance hit!

Ultrasun – Love Me More (Alex 1kb Remix). A brand new remix of the famous Love Me More track by brand new mixed Alex 1kb.

Simply click on any of the song titles above to sample the tracks and get started! Enjoy!

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