June 2003 Dance Charts

NYC weather might not seem to think so, but summer is here, and so are a decent number of fresh, chewy dance tracks. So, here’s a quick summary of the June chart.

UltraSun are Australian duo Christos and Katie from Australia – they had great success late last year with “Love Me More”. Well, their new single, “We Can Runaway”, is already out in Australia, with a European release to follow soon. It’s a catchy, vocal dance track that has a great radio-friendly feel, while the Voodoo and Serano Mix has a harder-edge sound to it. Great track. Check out their homepage here.

Next up is a instrumental trance track, that reminds me of “Take Me Away” by Four Strings. “Let The Light Shine In” is by Darren Tate vs Jono Grant and has a great uplifting, trance feel to it. Very nice. Lange is back with a brand new single under the guise of X-Odus Featuring Xan – “I’m In Love Again”. Lange can seem to do no wrong – a great bit of vocal trance – should do well in the charts and clubs. More on Lange on his homepage here.

There’s two tracks by “4 Strings” on the chart – their debut album “Believe” contains some awesome tracks as well as their singles “Take Me Away” and “Let It Rain”. Definetly one if you like Euro Vocal Dance. Remember back in 2000 with DJ Tiesto remixed Delierium’s “Silence”? Well, he’s done another awesome mix of “Tears From The Moon” by Conjure One – fans of Silence will probably like it. Also, check out Armin van Buuren Feat Ray Wildson – “Yet Another Day – it’s been around a while now, but for some reason, I’d forgotten to feature on the charts! Check out the video for it here.

There’s more goodies in the chart, so check them out for yourself here.

Now, if I could only get the weather to match the temperature of these hot choons….

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