Linux World Expo New York

So this week, Richii went to The Linux World Expo in NYC to see what was happening in the world of his fellow techies and to get some fresh ideas for some new projects! Although it was the first time I’d ever been to a conference like this, I was really impressed! Anyway, here’s some links to some of the cooler stuff I saw:

MySQL Administrator was formally announced and I saw a saw demo of this app, which will run on Windows, Linux and (in the future) Mac OS X. Looks good! ( uses a MySQL database, so this will be great feature to have!).

Sybase announced the release of Sybase 12.5 on Linux – good news for those in the Enterprise environment.

KDE were showing their latest desktop – good news is that 3.2 of KDE will be out soon – offering a much improved startup time and new features! (Richii is using KDE as he writes this!)

SuSE Linux had a big display showing off their server and desktop offerings. This is my personal fave Linux distro, so they didn’t have to sell me on this. I also got myself a SuSE Geeko (he rocks!). Things are looking good for SuSE now that they’ve been bought by Novell.

Sun Microsystems were showing their Linux-based Java Virtual Desktop as replacement for the Windows desktop. They had some great server and desktop hardware on display, as well as development tools and Star Office.Tadpole were also displaying some very nice SPARC-based Laptops which could run Solaris or Linux – very impressive!

Red Hat Linux were showing off their new desktop and server offerings and giving out free copies of Fedora. They are also launching a new techie magazine called Wide Open.

Ximian were touting their Red Carpet Enterprise and Ximian Desktop products – good products to help the Sys Admin manage Linux on the desktop!

The Linux Professional Insitute were offering advice on Linux Certification. A certication through them shows you can manage multiple distributions of Linux, rahter then just Red Hat or SuSE. As to whether certification is worth the money….. ?

Gentoo Linux were showing their distro. I didn’t know too much about it, but basically it’s a version of Linux that’s optimized for speed. Will have to try that out later…

Mandrake, Debian and Morphix are other distros which I’ve not tried, but will give them a role when I get some time!

Didn’t make it to Linux Expo? Don’t worry – Linux World UK takes place at Olympia on 6-7 October! See you there 😉

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