MG SV on Top Gear

I still don’t understand why in a country where unless you live in a major city, you need a car to get around in, there aren’t any mainstream motoring programmes. That seems kinda stupid to me, especially as every 4th TV advert is for a car!

Anyway, thanks to the wonders of the ‘net, here are a couple of video’s from the BBC’s Top Gear which feature the MG SV. OK, so Clarkson gives the interior a bit of a slating, and goes on about the 3rd gear, but at least the car was sensible and took it to heart and gave him a nice bang on the head! I want one of these! (An SV, not a bang on the head!)

MG SV Top Gear Review – Hi QualityDial-Up Quality

Stig drives the SV – Hi QualityDail-Up Quality

I’ll take the 1000 BHP Nitrous version please! 🙂

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