New month, new job!

So, after one month of craziness, one too many Starbucks Mocha Coconut Frappuccino’s, and more mind changes than you can shake a toaster at, I finally started my new job at 3 Times Square! You can see more photos of my new workplace at Wired NY and Fox Fowle.

One of the coolest things about X Square is that you can just use “X” for “Times” and save yourself a valuable 4 keystrokes. Another great thing about X Square is that they film TRL just across the street. I’m having problems though, since I’m still not sure which of these muppets is Carson Daily. Beats me.

Here’s a photo of an ice cream. It’s darn hot here, and I feel like one. (By that I mean that I feel like eating an ice cream, as opposed to actually feeling like an ice cream feels)(Just in case you were getting confused). Huh?

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