Simply the best from the Dutch!

OK, so I admit that I’m not really the best singer in the world. I may do a great vocal mix of House of Pain’s “Jump Around” when I’m in the shower in the morning (Jump Up! Jump Up! And get down!)(PS Use a special non-slip mat in the shower!)( takes no responsibility for your attempts to try that in your own home!), and I can sometimes be tempted to do some Bon Jovi at Karaoke, but that’s IT. I would definetly not want to go on TV! The guys from The Netherlands though – they got style! I love their trancey dance music – it kicks! So I was really surprised when I discovered the following video. Owwwww – apparently these guys are Simply The Best!

(The “best” kicks in around 2:20 if you wanna fast forward to it)

P.S. Best not to watch that at tea time, as I don’t want to put you off your dinner!

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