Spring 2003 Videos

I’ve added some fresh new videos to the Video Chart. First off is Crazy Sexy Marvellous by Paffendorf. It’s their follow-up single to “Be Cool” which made the UK Top 10 last year. Watch out though, the video really ”is” Crazy Sexy (and Marvellous!). This single is out in the UK today on Data Records

Now, check back to my September 2001 dance chart, you’ll see a track by Plummet called Damaged. I just love the lyrics to this track- I’ll post them up here soon! Well, it’s been bubbling around but it’s been re-released in the UK with some new remixes. Check out this great video here. The vid is fillmed near where I used to live, in Docklands, London! The track is released today on Serious Records.

If you want something catchy (cheesy?), check out Free (Let It Be) by Stuart. It’s getting a UK release soon. Other vids worth checking – Chicane’s Love On The Run and Tomcaraft’s Loneliness
Full video chart is here.

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