Springtime Videos!

Don’t you just love it when you wake up in the morning and you have these bright young babes dancing around your apartment? I know, I know, that doesn’t really happen to me either, but fear not, here’s 3 Springtime hyper hits with babes dancin’ around with pom pom’s or skates to get you hyper in the morning time!

First up is the brand new track by Narcotic Thrust – I Like It. Here’s a HP choon featuring some even happier pom pom shaking babes telling you exactly what they like. (It’s the bright lights they like according to the lyrics). Wicked, fresh n’ chewy!

Next up is Candee Jay – If I Were You. I know this is way on the commercial side, but heck, it’ still not the sort of thing you’ll see on MTV USA, so I guess that doesn’t make it commercial after all (huh?!). Anyway, it’s another uptempo track with a cool lil’ story (Candee goes to Vegas) and features Candee doin’ some nice dancin’ by the pool. (No pom poms this time – they don’t belong by the poolside silly!).

Finally is the new track by the Boogie Pimps – Sunny. Not quite as hyper as the other two tracks, this is more housey and laid back – it features a night out at the rollerblade club. Wow they got skills – I just cannot rollerblade to save my life. Anyway, here’s to blades n’ babes with lollipops!

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