Table Tennis Matrix Style

OK, so I haven’t made any witty postings for a while (in fact, maybe none of my postings have ever been witty!!) but here are a couple of amusing things to keep you occupied and coming back to this site screaming for more!

First up is this very silly video clip from Japan. It’s a matrix version of a game of table tennis! It’s kinda funny, especially when you see the start for the first time, then it gets just plain stupid! Here’s the link – you’ll need Microsoft Windows player for it!! Click here.

Sticking with video’s, I was reading this story about some poor Canadian kid who made a silly homemade video which became so popular throughout the web that he’s now launched legal action against his classmates because all the attention is stressing him out! Why so popular? Well, he was at home, pretending to be a Jedi (hey, we’ve all been there, done that) but his mates (enemies) filmed him doing this and posted it on the web. Star Wars Kid was born. Click here (video 1) and here (video 2) to see the video with some special effects added or visit for all the other vids!

I must admit, I don’t think I was ever that good when I was practising my Jedi moves.

Do you like wine? Ahh, the joy of sitting back, relaxing with your mates, sipping on a gorgeous bottle of your favourite vintage. Well, if you’ve got great wine, you’ll need a great set of glasses – and I recommend you get some of these! NOICE 🙂 Each glass holds over 13 bottles of wine, so no need to keep getting up for a top-up! (Although maybe you won’t be able to get up at all after 13 bottles!). Order them here.

Oh yeah – is anyone looking for weapons of mass destruction? If so you can find them here.

Enjoy the weekend everyone 🙂

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