UltraSun Remix Update

International Top 10 dance act “iio” (from the USA) have just released a special Edition 12″ Remix vinyl for the United States of their latest single “At The End”. The UltraSun Remix is the A-Side, and this paves the way for great exposure on UltraSun for the American Market.

Christos (from UltraSun) has also just had another remix released in the UK called ‘Passion 2003″ by 24HRS vs. Christos on the Positiva label and has received 10/10 from the latest ‘Power Promotion” DJ marketing campaign. Positiva are expecting a major dance hit (globally) with this release, Christos’ remix is also the A-Side of the vinyl on this one.

It’s also great timing for all the UltraSun remixes to be out as PopKomm is on in Germany shortly and there should be a bit of a buzz building.The vinyl for “We Can Runaway” has been sampled out in the UK around 3 weeks ago now.

More info on UltraSun can be found on the UltraSun Homepage

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