The Lost BBC Tape and The 6ft Fridge!

Many, many moons ago when I was a lil’ whipper-snapper (some say I still am!) I got a summer job working at BBC Pebble Mill in Birmingham. No, I wasn’t a famous star, nor was I an artsy wannabe – instead I was working in the mail room. Look – here’s a photo of Stacey K in the mailroom! (BTW, I don’t know Stacey, nor do I know this particular mailroom, I just thought I’d give all you readers a look into such a place!).

Anyway, it was a cool job for 2 summers – not much stress and not too much hassle. Anyway, sometimes people would ask for tapes to be sent via courier from one office to the other. So you’d fill out the paper work and away you go.

So that brings me to my funny story – last week someone in London dropped off a tape to be sent asap to BBC Bristol. Simple enough request, right? Well, click here to find out what arrived at BBC Bristol the next day!

You can also find the full story here.

That kinda thing could happen to anyone – here’s looking forward to a fridge appearing at your front door in the near future!

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