December 2003 Dance Chart

OK, the December 2003 Dance Chart has finally been posted!

At the top of the chart we have Ultrabeat – Feelin’ Fine. This is their follow-up to Pretty Green Eyes and it’s a very uplifting, bouncey dance track that was I was hearing everywhere whilst I was in the UK. For more info on Ultrabeat, check out this page. In at number two is Michelle Branch with The Passengerz Tuff Club Mix of Breathe. Yes, I wouldn’t normally associate Mish with dance, but this a pretty funky, hypnotic, dark mix. Also check out some cool Mish pix in this month’s Maxim(US Edition). But anyway, back to the music (focus Richii, focus!)

I’ve raved about Room 5’s Music & You enough, and it’s still sounding good. It’s in at number 3 – check out the video here. Next up is a great uplifting trancer – The Mystery – Feel 4 You (Vocal Radio Edit). It’s a choon – full of energy! Play it in the morning and move yer feet! It just makes ya smile! Or better still put it through your (head)phones on the NYC subway when you’re slammed up against 1000 dog breath Nooo Yawkers on the 2/3 line (you can still nod your head, even if you can’t move yer feet). CHOON!

OK, so Britney’s new album features a fairly good dancey track in the shape of “Breathe On Me”. She kind of sounds like Kylie in it – it’s in at number 6 on the chart, worth giving this track a listen methinks.

For the rest of the chart – it’s the usual goodies – NYC-sounding dance tracks in the shape of Becky Baeling – If You Love Me, Tina Ann – Too Late and Cooler Kids – Morning Star (Thunderpuss Club Mix). Trancey fans will like Ozone – Ionize, Armin Van Buuren – Precious (check out Armin’s new album BTW) and Pulser – My Religion (Lange Remix).

The January 2004 dance chart is ready to go and will be posted up later this week, so stay CHOONED!

The full December 2003 Dance Chart can be found here.

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