March 2003 Dance Chart

Another month, another set of tunes! This month an awesome house track tops the charts – “Make Luv” by “Room 5 featuring Oliver Cheatham”. It features a sample of the 80’s classic “Get Down Saturday Night” – if you liked Stardusts’ Music Sounds Better, you’ll like this. It’s currently featured on the Lynx TV Campaign in the UK and is due for UK release on 24 March. Next up in the chart is “Forever And A Day” by “State One” which is a great vocal trance track – it was released last month – don’t know too much about State One – but it’s a CHOON!
The Extension 119 Club Mix of t.A.T.u.’s catchy (well, if not catchy, it’s certain on every playlist right now) “All The Things She Said” makes it to number 3 – and it actually breathes new life into this hit. Another housey track in the form of Kreo’s “Burn For You” is at number 4, quickly followed by the Above & Beyond Mix of Vivian Green’s “Emotional Rollercoaster” – a fine bit of uplifting vocal trance!
Ian Van Dahl fans should check their mix of Conjure One’s Sleep. Other highlights to check out include the NYC-sounding “Drunkenmunkey” track called “E” (instrumental dance version of Eminnem’s “Without Me”), System F’s “Together” and “Inner Life” by Decoy and Roy. Enjoy!
Full dance chart for March 2003 can be found here

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